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A Smelly Bathroom? It’s The Toilet That’s to Blame!

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A Smelly Bathroom? It’s The Toilet That’s to Blame!

Anyone who has a toilet installed in their home will notice a problem, that is, they can often smell a bad odor. Even if the cleaning is clean, the floor is clean and bright, the sink is emptied, and the rubbish bag is thrown away, there is still a lingering smell. So what is the problem of a smelly bathroom?

The Bathroom Stinks Because The Floor Drain Is To Blame?

A homeowner’s bathroom suddenly emitted a foul smell. Every time he takes a bath and uses the bathroom, he feels very disturbed. I tried my best to find the source of a smelly bathroom, but I couldn’t find out where the stench of a smelly bathroom was coming from.

At first, I thought it was the floor drain, so I spent a few hundred dollars to replace it, but the stench was still there. Finally, after almost tearing the bathroom apart, I found out that the stench of a smelly bathroom was coming from the toilet!

a smelly bathroom


Why Does The Toilet Stink?

Question: What is the reason why the toilet keeps recoiling? Is it because the toilet has been shifted? Or is the toilet of poor quality?

Reasons For Toilet Odour

1, the flange of the toilet is not sealed properly with the pipe mouth is one of the culprits of odor. When installing, the interface should be sealed by inlaying oil paste and other materials at the dumped drainage outlet in advance. If the interface is well sealed, the odor may be emitted from the floor tiles.

2, the toilet bottom sealant is not played tightly, resulting in odor out of the return.

3, the toilet around the floor tile is not hooked tight seam, the odor returned.

4, the toilet cover is not sealed tightly, causing the odor to return.

5, determine whether the water seal of the toilet is sufficient. Generally for a good toilet, after the water is flushed, the toilet has a certain amount of water seal stored in, thus ensuring the isolation of the pipe. If the water seal is destroyed, it is time to change the toilet.

6, if in the installation, there is not a good sealing of the sewer pipe and toilet outlet docking, it is also easy to have the odor run out.



1、If the floor tiles around the toilet are empty and bulging, repair these tiles first.

2、Use glass glue to seal around the bottom edge of the toilet with a circle to keep it sealed.

3、After going to the toilet, cover the toilet lid in time.

4、Frequently flush the toilet with water so that no stagnant water or spoilt water is stored at the bend.

5、Use toilet bowl cleaner as an unclogging agent: every now and then you can pour an appropriate amount of toilet bowl cleaner into the toilet bowl. Cover the toilet lid and bore it for a while, then flush it with water, which can keep the toilet open.

6、You can place a small cup of balsamic vinegar in the toilet, and the stench of a smelly bathroom will disappear. It is valid for six or seven days and can be changed once a week. Or dry the residual tea leaves and put them in the toilet or ditch to burn and smoke, which can eliminate the bad smell.

How Do I Install A Toilet So That It Doesn’t Stink?

Some owners bought a toilet and wanted to hire a master to install it. Later on, when I heard that it is not cheap to install a toilet, they do not know how to install a toilet. So I’ll tell you how to install a toilet that will not stink! Take your little notebook and write it down.

This toilet is a siphon type.

toilet 6

Next, cut off the waste pipe, leaving about 5mm. You can draw it with a pen first to make it more accurate.

toilet 7

After cutting the pipe, sand it down a bit.

toilet 8

At the bottom of the toilet, determine the center of the waste outlet and draw a cross centerline. If there is nothing wrong, draw a line around the toilet and make sure it is in the right place.

toilet 10

Put the corner valve on first, otherwise, you won’t be able to put it back on once the toilet is installed.

toilet 13

There is a firing port under the toilet. Seal it first with glass glue and then fit a flange to the waste outlet.

toilet 14

The flange is then fitted to the waste outlet. A circle of glass glue is applied to the toilet where the circle has been drawn in advance.

toilet 15

Then put the toilet on and press it firmly.

toilet 11

You can seal the toilet with glass glue around the bottom of the toilet. It is best to buy a mildew-proof glue so that the mold does not form and then smooth it out with your fingers.

toilet 12

Remove the excess glue, it will look better.

toilet 16

Connect the hose and start testing the water to see if it is installed properly.

toilet 17

I’ve used it and it’s fine! It’s done, it’s as easy as that!

toilet 18

It’s easy and saves on installation costs, but the seal must be fine or it will stink.

toilet 19

This way, we can finish the installation of the toilet ourselves. For those who are renovating now, follow the above steps and install it yourself, you’ll feel great.

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