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4 Ways to Get The Bathroom Door to The Front Door, Door to The Bed, Door to The Dining Room

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4 Ways to Get The Bathroom Door to The Front Door, Door to The Bed, Door to The Dining Room

Not very good house types have their own drawbacks, such as bathroom door to the front door, door to the bedroom door, bathroom door to the bed, bathroom to the dining room, etc. Whether you believe in feng shui or not, but the bathroom door to the door, the door of the room, the bed and other places, living in it is more or less awkward and uncomfortable.

Faced with this reality, if you do not want to compromise in this way, what is the remedy?



01. |Design Partition|

If the house space allows, you can make various partitions at the entrance door to form a transitional entrance area, which solves the problem of the entrance door facing the bathroom door, as well as the problem of privacy and storage of shoes. This is a multi-purpose solution.

Glass partition.

Adding a glass partition to the doorway not only protects privacy, but also allows natural light to enter the hallway through the glass from the living room, supplementing daylight.

Cabinet dividers.

If space allows, using an upright cabinet as a partition not only separates the space, but also adds storage. There is no need to worry about putting shoes and clothes in the door.

Hollow partitions.

For entrance areas with poor lighting, a hollow partition is the best choice. It not only protects privacy, but also allows natural light to enter the hallway from the living room through the partition to supplement lighting.

Wall partition.

A wooden light body wall is built directly across from the door and a shoe cabinet can be embedded next to it. This not only solves the problem of the bathroom facing the front door, but also increases storage space and solves the embarrassment of the front door facing the guest dining room and bedroom door.


02. |Move the Washbasin Outside|

 If there is no more space to design partition at the entrance, you can consider moving the washbasin outside to reduce the daily entrance and exit of the bathroom, and moving the washbasin outside can play a certain role in blocking, which has a certain relief effect visually. Move the sink to the outside, not only can easily realize the wet and dry partition, but also can relieve the pressure of using the bathroom.



03. |Do Invisible Door Design|

Whether it is the door of the bathroom or the door of the bedroom, you can try to make it in a hidden form. You can “hide” the door into the wall or cabinet, and ignore it when you don’t open the door.

Invisible doors in the bathroom.

After using the toilet, the air contains a lot of bacteria. Invisible doors not only prevent bacteria and odors from spreading in the bathroom, but also solve the embarrassment and drawbacks of entering the bathroom.

Invisible doors for bedrooms.

The door of the bedroom is opposite to the front door. This is very unfriendly to those who rest in the bedroom. Lack of security when lying in bed. The invisible door below blends in with the surrounding walls, subtly leaving no trace and making the home more spacious. Powerful.

Wallpaper blends in with the door for a beautiful and interesting look.

The door blends in with the wall, but also decorates the wall.

04. |Hanging Door Curtain|

Hanging door curtains is the most economical and quickest way to ease the embarrassment of door-to-door, and beautiful door curtains can greatly enhance the beauty of your home.

The use of door curtains is more flexible and can be hung where needed, and the lower part can be ventilated. This can avoid the problem of lack of air circulation when the door is closed all day.

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