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6 Popular Layouts That Can Be Applied To Any Bathroom From 3-9m2. When Neighbors Look, They All Want To Tear Down The Wall And Reinstall!

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“The bathroom is too small” is really a headache. If you want to put the toilet, vanity, shower curtain mirror cabinet, corner organizer, towel rack, etc. placed in, you need 10 square meters to feel comfortable! However, in our “Residential Building Design Code”, the minimum area for bathroom design is only 2.5㎡, which cannot meet all the needs. Today, I introduce the bathroom layout design from the separation of wet and dry, utilization, privacy, and living habits. A small bathroom can also be used as 10 square meters!

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3 square meters layout

Applicable people: small couples or single noblemen

Applicable household type: single apartment or 1 room 1 hall

Design options.

① One piece into type

For this type of “compact” space, the area is small enough to fit three treasures: washbasin, shower and toilet. Here, you can use a hanging sink and toilet. This will be more space-saving. Try to concentrate the bathroom equipment in one direction. This will not only improve the efficiency of using the bathroom area, but also can be very beautiful.

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Since you are living alone, there is no need to over-emphasize privacy. You need to prioritize the satisfaction of the owner’s living habits and reduce unnecessary lines of living activities. It is better to be able to solve in one space. You can design the basin, countertop, and storage in one piece to save space and meet storage needs at the same time.

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In the case of narrow bathrooms, bathroom products are wall-mounted as much as possible. You want to reduce the floor clutter accumulation to make the bathroom more neat. Brooms, mops, pots and other tools class can also be integrated in one place with the right hook.

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You can also pre-bury the overhead rain shower in advance to save the space area occupied by the shower head.

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② Wet and dry separation type

If the bathroom is long and narrow, the shower room will take up a lot of space. It is better to arrange the bathroom in accordance with the normal use of the bathroom line, from the door to the innermost, in order for the laundry table, wash area, toilet, shower area. The shower area can simply be partitioned with a shower curtain, so that every inch is used on the edge of the knife!

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This kind of small area washroom needs to pay attention to the installation and purchase of appliances. If the bathroom area is small, it is easy to produce a sense of oppression, especially hanging a large water heater, there is always the illusion of the head to the ceiling.

Can consider hidden or semi-hidden in the integrated ceiling to reduce the occupation of the upper space. (But there is also a risk – future maintenance will be more trouble, so the choice of water heater can consider a small volume of heating fast.)

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4 square meters layout

Applicable people: Family of three

Applicable household type: 50-60 square, small two-bedroom

Design solutions.

① “Four in one ” type

The so-called “four-in-one” style is a combination of toilet area, sink, bathroom (bathtub/shower) and washing machine in one. Each function has its own role to maximize the use of bathroom space. (Some families need to sacrifice a certain amount of checkroom area to expand the bathroom area in order to achieve four styles.)

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② “Three types of one” type

Domestic bathroom area is generally small, most families will move the washing machine to the balcony or kitchen. In this way, “four pieces” becomes “three pieces”, which is what we call “three styles”.

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Washing area independent, bathroom / wash area / toilet area as one

Layout 1: The toilet is in the middle, and the shower and sink are on either side.  Use glass partitions to separate the bathroom from other parts. After leaving a place for the shower, all other space is given to the toilet, sink and storage cabinet.

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Layout 2: The sink is by the door, and the shower is lined up with the toilet area. The sitting platform can be convenient for the elderly with leg problems to sit and take a shower.

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The bathroom is independent, and the wash area/toilet area/laundry area is integrated

This design allows one person to wash their face and brush their teeth while others can toilet or shower. When you take a shower, the mirror of the wash area will not produce condensation.

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Separate toilet, bathroom/sink/laundry in one

It can shut the odor into the toilet room and ensure fresh air in other areas. For smart toilets, there is also no need to worry about the safety of electricity.

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Separate sink, bathroom/toilet/laundry in one

The sink can also be considered outside the bathroom. This not only realizes the separation of wet and dry, but also realizes that washing hands and toileting and bathing do not affect each other.

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5 square meters layout

Applicable people: Two-child families

Applicable household type: 70-80 square meters, two rooms and one hall

Design scheme.

Families with two children are suitable for using double basins. The life of two children can be synchronized and grow together.

640 14 2


If there are two bathrooms in the original house type, how to design?

①Two bathrooms are combined into one bathroom

If the original two bathrooms are adjacent to each other and neither is very large, if you just keep one bathroom, then you can combine the two bathrooms to expand the use space. You can open two doors. One towards the master bedroom and one towards the hallway. This is more convenient.

640 15 1


▲Three Separation / Four Separation

The bathroom is bigger after combining them, so it can be triple separated to improve the efficiency of using space. If you have enough space, you can add a bathtub or checkroom and make it a four-part room.

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▲Dressing table function

When there is more space, you can also add a dressing function to the countertop. It is more convenient to put on makeup for skin care on this side after you wash up.

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6-9 square meters layout

Applicable people: Three generations in the same family

Applicable household type: about 100 square meters, small three rooms

Design options.

If it is more than 4 mouth family, or live with parents/in-laws, you need to keep 2 bathrooms. If it is inconvenient to queue for the bathroom when there are many people, the double bathroom is more efficient. And living with elders, the little two also need some privacy space. In such a case, it is better to choose a double bathroom.

Keep the two bathrooms. Basically, there is a bathroom in the master bedroom and a bathroom in the common space. This can meet the needs of multiple users and also meet different functional needs.

640 19 1


①Master bathroom design

▷Sink + toilet + bathtub

In the case that none of the bathrooms are large, this design is more space-saving and practical. There is no wet and dry separation in the master bathroom to improve space utilization and also to meet the mistress’ soaking needs.

640 20 1


▷Sink + toilet + shower

If the main bathroom is small or there is no need for a bathtub, a normal shower can be installed. It is best to install a shower with a glass door or partition to separate wet and dry.

640 22 1


②Secondary bathroom

▷Move the sink outside

Improve the efficiency of the bathroom, so that there is no queue for washing and bathing in the morning and evening.

640 21 1


Separate wet and dry inside

Separating wet and dry in the secondary bathroom with a glass partition makes it safer and more convenient to use. It also narrows down the cleaning area when you clean and sanitize. It can add storage compartments if the exterior is available.

640 2 3


▷Sink + toilet + shower

If it is not convenient to move the sink outside, you can install a shower in the secondary bathroom. If the household is square, you can put the shower room against the corner. Place the sink and toilet on each side.

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▷Functional area + laundry room

You can also put the washer-dryer in the secondary bathroom for more convenient laundry. However, note that the interior of the bathroom should be well separated from wet and dry to avoid water in the machine, which will affect its life.

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▷Living handrails

Families living with the elderly, remember to install movable handrails above the toilet in the bathroom commonly used by the elderly to ensure safety.

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Bathroom size requirements

As a high frequency use area, the bathroom must be reasonably sized. I will list the common sizes of bathrooms. We can plan and layout in advance when decorating.

1, the height of the single basin is 60-120cm, the height of the double basin is 120-170cm.

2, the height of the countertop basin is basically 80-85cm, and the height of the upper part of the mirror cabinet is 185-200cm. at the same time, you can also reserve a socket at about 40cm on the countertop, which can just stay inside the mirror cabinet.

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3, hot and cold water pipes are arranged at 40cm high. The downspout can be designed on the 40cm high wall row to improve the face value.

4, attention to the mirror cabinet reserved sockets (electric toothbrush, hair dryer, etc.), mirror cabinet above or left and right reserved makeup lights. If other small appliances are in demand, a socket can also be reserved under the basin.

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The bathroom countertop does not have a large number of daily necessities occupying space. Neat and orderly look makes people feel comfortable.

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