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How Exactly Do You Tile Around The Bathroom Floor Drain To Make The Most Sense?

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How Exactly Do You Tile Around The Bathroom Floor Drain To Make The Most Sense

If you want to do a good job of bathroom decoration, there are too many details to pay attention to.

In addition to doing a good job of waterproofing, ventilation and other basic issues, tiling also has a great deal of doorways.

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As we all know, when tiling the floor, you must set aside a certain slope.

If the slope is too large, it will affect the installation of sanitary ware such as toilets. If the slope is too small, it will not work. It all depends on the experienced tiler master to grasp the appropriate slope.

In addition to the slope, how to deal with the floor drain at the tile is also very important. You have to ensure the smooth flow of water while safeguarding the beauty.

bathroom floor drain


Let’s start with a few common mistakes paving method.

The two floor drains installed in the above figure are a demonstration of the error! Left one: floor drain was installed in the joints of two tiles. The right one: without any cutting of the tiles. These two practices can drain water, but they do not have good water conductivity, so they can easily lead to water accumulation on the bathroom floor. After being used for a long time, the surrounding tiles are always damp.

There are many different shapes of floor drain panels. If you don’t buy the floor drain and determine this information in advance, workers won’t know what size hole to reserve in the down hole part when tiling. If the reserved hole does not match the size of the floor drain bought afterwards, it will also be a big headache. That’s why floor drains and tiling are basically done at the same time.


– 01 –

Cross-paving method

Set the floor drain in the center of the cross line formed by four adjacent floor tiles. The four corners are aligned with the edge lines of the floor tiles and extend in all directions. This method is ideal for square floor drains, which are relatively aesthetically pleasing and have a more natural slope.


– 02-

Staggered paving method

The floor tiles are staggered and leave the location of the floor drain, which ensures the integrity of the floor tiles and beautiful.


– 03-

Diagonal cutting method

Choose a good location for the floor drain. Place the floor drain in the middle of a piece of floor tile and cut it diagonally. When tiling, form a groove at a certain inclination. The floor drain is embedded in the center, so that it is convenient for watering and can be better controlled.

– 04-

Four-sided cutting method

It seems to be a complicated solution but the most common and applicable one. Take the floor drain as the center and make a box at 6-10 cm from the edge of the floor drain. Make a diagonal line from this place. When tiling, make a slope.


– 05-

Edge interruption method

If the floor drain position is at the edge of the wall, you can use a straight strip of floor tile tiling at the edge of the position and leave a position directly in the middle for the floor drain.

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