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This Selection Of Bathroom Cabinets, Never Regret To Buy It!

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When it comes to bathroom cabinets, we are all familiar with it as the standard bathroom, bearing the heavy responsibility of bathroom storage. Of course, if you pick a good word, the value of the bathroom is also can rely on it to enhance a hand.

So the selection of the bathroom cabinet can not be sloppy, first of all, to capacity, followed by also fit the entire bathroom decoration style, etc., choose the reference factors, it is easy to baffle people.

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How To Choose A Bathroom Cabinet?

1.Choose According To The Bathroom Wind

Bathroom cabinet is the most attractive presence in the bathroom, it can be said that it is an important home products to show the owner’s aesthetic and taste. So the first thing to consider when buying a bathroom cabinet is the style of the bathroom cabinet, it must be consistent with the style of their own home decoration.


New Chinese Style

The new Chinese style is not a simple copy of the Chinese style, but a combination of traditional elements extracted from the Chinese style and modern elements.

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This style of bathroom cabinet are generally solid wood as the main material, in the design will not use complex and complicated pattern, but to choose a more simple geometric lines. General use of this style of bathroom cabinet will appear more elegant master.


Modern Minimalist Style

Modern minimalist style bathroom cabinets pay more attention to practicality and aesthetics. Therefore, this style of bathroom cabinets will generally use light colors for the appearance of color, while its storage function is very powerful, can be said to be the first choice for small households.

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This style of bathroom cabinet is now very popular among young people’s favorite, because of its simple and generous but do not lose the sense of design, but also with most of the home style perfect match.


Mediterranean Style

The Mediterranean style is arguably the most unique of all decorating styles. Since the Mediterranean style comes from Spain’s azure coast and white sandy beaches, white and blue are its main colors. And these two colors can create a soothing, free feeling.

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2.Choose According To The Structure Design

Hanging Bathroom Cabinet

Suspended bathroom cabinets are the preferred choice for most homes. Due to its overhanging design at the bottom, which separates the cabinet from the floor, it effectively diffuses moisture and humidity, preventing the possibility of moisture invading the cabinet.

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In addition, it also has the benefit of increasing the sense of space. So even if it is a small household, installed with this bathroom cabinet with the same series of mirror cabinet, will not feel crowded.


Floor Standing Bathroom Cabinets

Compared to hanging bathroom cabinets, this type of bathroom cabinet has no requirement for walls when installed.

However, since the bathroom is basically wet for a long time. Especially if the home is not dry and wet isolation, floor-to-ceiling bathroom cabinets will often come into contact with water, thus causing damage to the cabinet, affecting the service life.

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Therefore, when buying floor bathroom cabinets, be sure to choose a double-sided waterproof layer of the bathroom cabinet, the only way to ensure that the internal structure of the floor bathroom cabinet is not deformed, in order to extend the service life.


3.According To The Cabinet Material Selection

Solid Wood

Compared with other bathroom cabinet materials, solid wood bathroom cabinets are definitely the most environmentally friendly and healthy, as wood furniture is usually made directly from a variety of wood as raw materials.

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However, due to the specificity of the bathroom environment, rubber wood is generally used to make bathroom cabinets. This wood is distilled and dehydrated, as well as some other waterproofing process to effectively waterproof and moisture-proof.


Ceramic Material

Bathroom cabinets made of this material can easily create a bathroom space with a modern feel and are easy to clean up. However, you must be careful with sharp objects to avoid damage from knocks during daily use.

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PVC Material

This material is very good anti-slip anti-scratch performance, can be said to be the best maintenance of the bathroom cabinet material.

However, PVC material also has a disadvantage: if you place heavy objects on it for a long time is easy to deformation, so the general size of this material bathroom cabinet will be a little smaller, more suitable for three families to use.


How To Maintain The Bathroom Cabinet?

1.Bathroom Cabinet Cleaning

1, bathroom cabinet contra water, usually with a slightly damp cloth can be gently wiped to avoid corrosion caused by water.

2, the best detergent to use neutral, casual use of toothpaste in the bathroom is also a good decontamination products.

3, the bath cabinet will often be placed on some soap, cleansers and other cleaning products, careless flow of detergent is best to clear off immediately (or in the cleaning products below the mat layer of cloth).

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2 Bathroom Cabinet Repair

Lacquer scuffs, not touching the paint under the wood, available with the cabinet color the same crayon or pigment, in the cabinet of the trauma smear to cover the exposed base color, and then transparent nail polish thinly coated layer can be.


3 Bathroom Cabinet Daily Use Tips

1, bathroom cabinet in the handling, should be lightly lifted and lightly put, do not hard drag; such as cabinet mirror and ground contact, should be padded with soft material, so as not to bruise; the ground is not flat, should be solid legs pad.

2, the installation of water into the pipe and go to the water pipe to connect dense, and need to regularly check to avoid leakage affecting the cabinet.

3, shall not use sharp hard objects to scratch the surface of the cabinet, so as not to cause surface damage caused by water seepage.

4, to prevent direct light, to prevent the cabinet from being damaged. Keep the room ventilated.

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Different styles, different styles of bathroom cabinets can always bring you a different experience. The above is about the selection and maintenance of bathroom cabinets, I hope it will help you.

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