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Do You Know All These Suggestions About Bathroom Storage?

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Many homes have a slightly smaller bathroom. A sink and a commode is all the bathroom has to offer. As a particularly expensive space, if you want to ensure both the activity area, but also want to expand the bathroom and do a good job of bathroom storage, the best way is to make good use of the 1 ㎡ above the toilet.




Bathroom Storage tips for the space above the toilet

Cabinets: not taking up space and meeting storage needs.

Partitions: maximize the use of façade space.

Ladders: both storage artifacts and decorative pieces.

Mirrors: visually expand the space.

Cabinet storage

If there is not enough space in the bathroom, you can borrow from the bare wall behind the toilet.

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Install a wall cabinet behind the toilet to store. You can sort and place the bathroom supplies you need every day in it. This not only improves the space utilization, but also makes it easy to get them on a daily basis, perfect!

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If you are worried about bacteria or moisture, make the closet a closed one. This allows you to hide your cosmetics and toiletries inside. When the cabinet door is closed, this not only reduces the visual burden, but also makes the whole bathroom look neater and cleaner.

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In addition to wall cabinets, you can also try these simple cabinets or shelves. Just buy the finished product online, which can also serve the purpose of storage.


Partition Storage

Perhaps a very large storage cabinet is not suitable for your home, but it is very convenient to place a small divider. It can withstand anything of any weight, from large things like greenery to small things like medicine bottles, cotton swabs, and so on.

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Solid wood dividers look practical and beautiful, and then decorated with wall art to make it more stylish space. You can also put storage baskets on it, which not only can get rid of the bad habit of throwing away toiletries, but also can emit damp odors.

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The three-layer partition above the toilet saves space and at the same time can store things, which is 100 points of practicality.


Ladder storage

If you think the above are troublesome, then you can choose to place a small ladder above the toilet. Place it against the wall so that it does not take up too much space, and it is also very convenient to store towels and so on.

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You can also hang a storage basket on it to save space.


Mirror Storage

Putting a mirror above the toilet not only serves the function of daily use, but also the function of expansion. Mirrors can reflect, refract, and increase the brightness of the room, which doubles the visual effect of the space.

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In addition, you can also combine the bathroom mirror with built-in storage to ensure the beauty of the room while also placing items above the wall.

bathroom storage

Look at these cases above, you have not been able to hold back the excitement, and want to go back to clean up their own bathroom? Act quickly to fill the 1 square meter space above the toilet.

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