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WOWOW Pop Up Lift Rod Assembly


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Pop Up Drain Assembly Stopper is produced in China. In the Manufacturer. Universal bathroom pop-up elevator pole assembly fits most toilet sink drains.

Pop Up Drain Stopper installation instructions

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Simple to set up: simple setup by the manual,no tools needed Broad application:standard size us plumbing,with overflow fits toilet vanity sink with drain hole diameter of 1-1/2 ”or 1-3/4″ Premium material:made of high quality ABS material, can serve you for quite a very long moment.

Simple operation: press on the cover to press and seal to open

Construction:Solid Brass

Good corrosion resistance

sink drain stopper X3001B won’t come out In the pop up drain stopper, the bouncing spool in the drain stopper is the easiest to break. Every time it is pressed and popped up, there will be a small amount of wear and tear. When it reaches a certain level, it cannot be pressed. If it can’t spring up in the process of use, it may be that the buckle is blocked by a foreign body, or there may be a problem with the spring. Maintenance method: This needs to replace the spool. Under normal circumstances, it is recommended to replace the drain. Changing the spool is also very troublesome.


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