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WOWOW Single Handle Bathroom Vessel Faucet Brushed Nickel with Deckplate

(18 customer reviews)

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  • Uniquely style: This single handle centerset bathroom faucet offers stylish flair – with a twist! The unique triple-curve twist design and classic brushed nickel finish of this commercial bathroom faucet is sure to become the highlights of any bathroom decor.
  • Quality craft: This single hole bathroom vanity faucet features brass connectors that are resistant to corrosion and rust. A drip-free ceramic cartridge is built into the faucet, so that it rotates smoothly and seals tightly to ensure long-term use without dripping or leaking.
  • Easy to install & operate: We supply you complete accessories and installing tools, including the pop-up drain, deck plate, 0.5m tucai water hose in quality guarantee, gloves and so on.Just simply pull the handle away from the brushed nickel bathroom faucet to activate the adjustable water flow, then rotate handle forward to increase the temperature of the water
  • Durable water saving aerator: The high performance Neoperl Aerator of this bathroom sink faucet offers a gentle and smooth water flow and saves more than 50% in water usage. Easily removed with the included aerator tool for cleaning to give you the best experience for years.
  • Warranty: Your purchase is covered by a 5 years limited warranty and a 90 days return policy, so if you are not satisfied for any reason, please contact us via email and we will gladly take care of you !

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WOWOW Single Handle Bathroom Vessel Faucet Brushed Nickel

WOWOW Bathroom Vessel Faucets Brushed Nickel

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Bathroom vessel faucet single handle 2321501

This bathroom vessel faucet single handle offers a stylish upgrade to your bathroom. It was carefully designed with flair, and  yet with a subtle twist. The unique bathroom vessel faucet single handle of WOWOW was designed with a triple-curve, in combination with a classic brushed nickel finish. Not for nothing this bathroom vessel faucet single handle is an eyecatcher in any bathroom, and will for sure become one of the highlights of your new bathroom décor.

Research has shown that bathroom faucets are the primary focal points in any bathroom. That means the attention of anyone is automatically attracted to the bathroom vessel faucet. Most probably bathroom faucets are one of the smallest items in your bathroom décor. And yet they have great impact on the perception of its grandeur. Definitely, you could add a touch of elegance to any bathroom with a the bathroom faucet single handle of WOWOW. Designers of WOWOW have clearly understood the impact of bathroom faucets, and consequently design bathroom faucets that can make a difference in any décor.

Design bathroom faucet single handle 

You want your bathroom décor to be stylish and functional at the same time. Consequently, you have to decide what kind of bathroom faucet you will select. As there are several kinds of bathroom faucets, you should first look at the available space you have, and what you prefer regarding water temperature control. Do you prefer to control the water temperature and volume with 2 handles or just with one? When you prefer just one handle, then the bathroom faucet single handle of WOWOW might be that elegant bathroom vessel faucet you are looking for!
This bathroom faucet single handle was designed from both a stylish and functional perspective. The single curved handle is comfortably located on the side of the bathroom vessel faucet. WOWOW’s bathroom faucet single handle operates smoothly. The water volume and temperature can comfortably be controlled single handedly. The single handle is without any doubt easy to hold and operate. You can just simply operate the handle of the bathroom faucet with a single hand by pulling it away. In this way the adjustable water flow is activated. By rotating the single handle you can increase the temperature of the water easily and smoothly. The U.S.-patented triple-curve shaping definitely is unique. This makes your bathroom even more high-end, while benefiting from all functionalities it offers you.

High-quality bathroom faucet single handle 

WOWOW’s bathroom faucet single handle is made of massive brass and its brushed nickel finish was hand polished and textured. For its finishing, WOWOW uses state-of-the-art-technology to offer maximum quality and durability. Because the bathroom faucet single handle of WOWOW is made of solid brass, this innovative bathroom faucet also offers optimal resistance to moisture and therefore corrosion. Not for nothing, WOWOW offers a 3-year warranty period for its bathroom vessel faucet single handle. A proof that WOWOW believes in the quality of its product and takes responsibility for its year-long performance.

As the design of this bathroom vessel faucet single handle is unique and patented, also some of its functionalities are unique. The durable water saving aerator for example. The high performance Neoperl Aerator of this bathroom faucet single handle features gentle and smooth water flow control. Therefore you will not experience any water splashing. Besides it saves up to 50% in water usage. This you will definitely notice on your water bill. The aerator can easily be removed with the (included) aerator tool. In this way you can easily clean it now and then, in order to guarantee the best performing experience for years.

Easy-maintainable bathroom faucet single handle 

First of all, the brushed nickel finish gives an elegant touch to any bathroom. Besides, the high-quality finishing also resists water spots, fading and fingerprints. Therefore it is easy to maintain and to clean. You could just gently wipe all residue with a damp cloth to make your bathroom faucet single handle shiny as new again. To clean your bathroom vessel faucet regularly as well guarantees a long life endurance. In this way hard residues have no change to stick to your bathroom vessel faucet. Especially, residue like chalk might affect your bathroom faucet, if it is not cleaned regularly. WOWOW makes it that easy, in order that you can do this without any effort.
The ceramic valve of the bathroom faucet single handle provides you with a 100% drip-free performance. And yet without reducing it smoothness to operate. This high-quality ceramic cartridge was tested with over 500,000 water cycles. And still WOWOW’s bathroom vessel faucet single handle was operating with the same easiness. And of course still drip-fee and leak-free. Imagine that a bathroom faucet might be used no more than 10,000 times per year. That  means that with the bathroom faucet single handle of WOWOW you have bought a bathroom faucet for life. This single handled bathroom vessel faucet therefore exceeds all industry standards!

Do-it-yourself bathroom vessel faucet single handle 

The bathroom vessel faucet single handle is that easy to install yourself. You will not need any costly plumber! Therefore you can also save on installation costs dramatically. This do-it-yourself bathroom faucet is supplied with a complete set of accessories and installing tools. This includes a metal deck plate, a 20 inch Tucai water hose with guaranteed quality, installation gloves, an aerator removing tool, and more.

As mentioned above, WOWOW is highly confident of the quality of its bathroom vessel faucets. Therefore WOWOW offers you a complimentary 3-year warranty period. If your bathroom faucet single handle would not operate like it should, you will be offered a brand new bathroom faucet single handle to replace yours. And besides, WOWOW offers a 90-day money back guarantee. If you would not be impressed by the value for money WOWOW is offering you, you will
get a full refund at no extra cost, and without questions asked. Simple as that!

The advantages of the bathroom faucet single handle in a nutshell:

  • Gives a wow-factor to any bathroom
  • US-patented triple-curve design
  • Elegantly brushed nickel
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Comfortable single-handle lever
  • Saves up to 50% of water with the innovative aerator
  • Easy to clean and easy to maintain
  • 3-year warranty period



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Brushed Nickel


5.39 pounds

Package Dimensions

16.2 x 9.1 x 6 inches


Brushed Nickel




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Spout Height

9.5 Inches

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5.8 Inches

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18 reviews for WOWOW Single Handle Bathroom Vessel Faucet Brushed Nickel with Deckplate

  1. C***n2020-06-18

    Very elegant Faucet, Superve Quality and esy Installation
    This product had a unique look in addition to being a single handle, which is why I purchased. I am very satisfied with the quality and finish of the product and am happy with my purchase.

    I purchased this to replace an existing 2-handle, 3-hole faucet in my bathroom. Although the center hole on the vanity was too small and needed to be drilled out to accommodate this new faucet, the face plate included with this faucet covered up the 3 holes.

    This faucet uses quality, modern stainless steel and brass fittings. The center fitting has a brass ring to secure the faucet to the vanity and 2 screws on either side of the ring to ensure tightness. This seems to be how nice faucets install these days, which I appreciate given how difficult it is to achieve proper torque in tight spaces without the 2 screws.

    The drain piece doesn’t exactly mount completely flush into my sink, but I do like that it is a push-to-close drain rather than having the bar that you pull. The contrast of the black drain and the white sink is nice. Some people might be concerned that the drain is plastic, so that’s worth noting. I will have to see how it stands up over time.

    It’s worth noting that I have done this type of simple plumbing in the past. I’m a handy DIY’er, but am by no means an experienced plumber. The tools and materials I used included a wrench, channel locks, screwdriver, bucket, towel, plumbers putty, teflon tape, Rigid EZ Change faucet tool (and 1 1/2″ hole saw + drill to modify the vanity).

  2. S***y2020-06-14

    I am quite impressed by this faucet. It is built well, is heavy, looks very nice and functions very well. Installation was a breeze, but the supply lines were slightly short. No worries. The manufacturer even supplied Teflon tape. The only thing I wish this had was some sort of plastic spacer under the mounting plate so it can be tightened a little more. I’m sure I can fashion something up. All in all, this is one heck of a faucet.

    As others have pointed out, tightening the faucet has a tendency to bow the deck plate. My solution to this was to use o-rings around the threaded sleeve that the hoses go through. The o-rings have to be big enough to fit around that sleeve yet small enough to fit through the deck plate. I stacked a few of these so that the stack height was slightly taller than the deck plate height. The o-rings have an added bonus in that it helps center the faucet and deck plate. With this method, I was able to tighten the faucet down so that it doesn’t move and the plate doesn’t bow.

  3. D***l2020-06-17

    I am absolutely in love with this faucet. It’s graceful lines and simplicity are spectacular. It’s well made, not cheap in any way. All parts are easily identifiable and it was very easy to install. I am not a plumber and have minimal experience, I just like trying new things and I was really able to put this together and have it working within an hour.
    The flow is almost laminar and it can put out a ton of water if you let it.
    I’m so excited to have this in our guest bath and have already received compliments!

  4. K***n2020-06-19

    It’s an unbelievable value. I compared some of the faucets casting 2 or 3 times as much and they don’t compare. This thing is a solid chunk of metal! The feel is pure quality. I’m a middle aged single guy. I’m not supposed to get this happy about a bathroom fixture but I love it!

    I installed this in an old 60s bathroom that still has the original fixtures. I had to enlarge the center hole by grinding it out. I also had to do the same for the drain. I did not use the drain that comes with it, I bought a solid metal pop up job. This has transformed my bathroom and given it a more upscale feel, even if it is just to wash my hands, which we have all been doing a lot of lately.

  5. A***s2020-06-22

    The Wowow faucet is very high quality and the design is very elegant for the price. The nickel finish has a nice satin look and is easy to keep clean and spot free. The simple hand control is easy and intuitive to use. It comes with a cover plate if needed to convert from three holes to one, but I mounted it directly without the plate on my single hole counter top. It was easy to install, but be aware that the feed lines are only about a foot long and you may need additional water line extensions to reach your input valves. This is an elegant product and a great value for the price.

  6. L***h2020-06-29

    Absolutely stunning! Our plumber asked where we got the faucet because it was such good quality and he wanted to get one himself. I would highly recommend. To top it all off, it is extremely beautiful.

  7. S***a2020-07-01

    I am very satisfied with the tap! The design is simple and elegant, which makes my bathroom look great! The biggest advantage is that the installation is very simple! To be honest, I think it will take some time to install it, but the instructions are clear and easy to understand. I am full of praise for the appearance of this faucet. I used to have an American standard faucet in the bathroom upstairs, but it really didn’t look very good. I like the appearance of this faucet, and I like the surface treatment!

  8. D***y2020-07-06

    10 out of 10! Bought THREE and absolutely love them! Very good quality and the price is a steal.

  9. A***s2020-07-12

    The faucet is A little thicker or heavy than I would have liked!

  10. C***h2020-07-15

    I love the style and the way the faucet works, good material. Very nice

  11. G***e2020-07-19

    First bathroom faucet i ever bought! It is amazing! Made well and strong! Sleek and the stopper in the sink is great. I absolutley love!

  12. E***r2020-07-22

    I have a test station set up to review faucets.
    I will try to break things down as best as I can in terms of quality of the product and complexity of installation.

    On a scale of 1-10, I would say that this faucet is 7/10 as far as installation difficulty.
    Keep in mind that it may vary with how your sink and cabinet is designed.

    This particular faucet is nice quality.
    The black finish looks good. Overall this faucet seems very durable. I like that the finish doesn’t gets stained as much because of the matte look. It doesn’t need to be wiped down as periodically as chrome to maintain the shine.
    Single handle makes it easy to select water temperature. The mix valve works great, just like it should.
    This faucet is easy to operate and moves very smoothly without any issues.
    The fact that it’s 360 degree rotation compatible is a plus since the you can mount it however you want and it will still move where you want it. Also comes with deck plate. You can cover up those unused holes in your sink.

    You have the ability to pull down the head, which is definitely a plus as well. Multiple spray modes not like some other pull down faucets. The base of where the head comes out of is designed well so that it doesn’t erode the hose over time as you use it.

  13. S***s2020-07-22

    Beautiful design along with fit and finish make this one if the best faucets ever. Its hard to tell by pictures but the faucet has a unique design incorporating a slight twist to the spout, making it almost an art piece. It is heavy solid construction. The off set handle actually is amazing as well. Straight forward Easy install even comes with gloves. I can’t reccomend enough!

  14. W***w2020-08-06

    Installation is easy with all the accessories and supplied, the materials appears to be well built and good quality. THe supplied hose and connectors replaced my old faucet flawlessly. Water flow smoothly and response well with the single handler and little noise and no splashing effect like my old faucet. The design is elegant and make my old bathroom looks newer and modern. The only shortcoming is not coming with a pop-up drain fixture and I have to set this manually with my old fixture. Overall, good quality and nice looking and should last for many years, I will update again in the future if any issue arise.

  15. K***y2020-08-09

    This is the most gorgeous bathroom faucet I’ve seen. It has so much style and it’s so heavy. Very well made and works great too. It was an easy install. Would recommend this to anyone who wants a solid, modern faucet.

  16. A***n2020-08-14

    I purchased this to upgrade my bathroom faucet that was getting dated. I was worried about the difficulty level with installing a new faucet. However, the package came with a manual on how to install it. The difficult part was retrofitting it with my existing plumbing in my bathroom. But it wasn’t too bad to figure out. Although installation time as just over 1hr for me as I have never done any plumbing work before. I was especially happy that it came with plat for the base as my current faucet had 3 holes drilled in to my granite top so I was able to use the plate to cover 2 of the holes that this tap did not require. Also having a second set of hands will be extreamely helpful although I installed it alone but that increased the level of difficult.

    All I used was a 11mm wrentch to clamp the hose of the tap to my house plumbing (hot and cold line), a screw driver to bolt the faucet to the granite underneath and a clamp to change the drain cap

    The package came with a gloves so as to prevent fingerprint smears all over it but I didn’t use it.

    So far, I have been using it and every one in the house likes the way the new faucet looks. I will definitely be purchasing more faucets from this store as I look to upgrading other faucets around the house.

  17. C***l2020-08-16

    Looks good. A bit big for small bathroom. Meters of taste.

  18. D***l2020-08-20

    Very nice upgrade for my bathroom sink. Good quality.

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