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Automatic Basin Mixer Tap White Single Cold Water


The induction faucet automatically senses water and shuts off water through the principle of infrared reflection to prevent users from touching the faucet handle and reduce the chance of cross infection of bacteria and viruses. Can effectively avoid cross infection of bacteria and viruses

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Induction taps should be used in public places

The inductive faucet can avoid the cross-infection of bacteria and various stains left by human hands.
Induction faucet can save water and avoid waste. The water will be released only when it is needed, and it will be automatically closed when it is not needed. There is no waste or water trouble caused by opening the water valve or forgetting to close the water valve after stopping water.
In addition to being convenient to use, WOWOfaucet’s induction faucet is beautiful in appearance and has a strong decorative

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