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How to Replace a Toilet Shut-Off Valve

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The way to Change a Bathroom Shut-Off Valve



Replace a Toilet Shut-Off Valve



That inconspicuous bathroom shut-off valve doesn’t see a lot motion. Actually, that valve might sit for years with out ever being closed. That’s not an excellent factor. After going unused for thus lengthy, the valve’s rubber washers start to dry rot in order that while you lastly give it a flip, it leaks. And for the reason that valve is normally solely closed when the toilet isn’t working, a leaking shut-off valve usually provides insult to a restore that’s already in progress.

This information shares the best way to change a bathroom shut-off valve to get that leak fastened and your porcelain throne again in service as quickly as doable.

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Replace a Toilet Shut-Off Valve: Inspecting the Pipes



It’s very important to evaluate the kind of plumbing you’ve earlier than getting began with a bathroom shut-off valve alternative.

  • If you happen to dwell in a house constructed earlier than 1980, chances are high you’ve iron pipes. Corroded iron pipes can break and crumble while you try and take away an outdated shut-off valve, turning what was purported to be a simple restore mission right into a DIY nightmare. For that cause, it’s finest to rent an expert should you’re coping with outdated forged iron plumbing.
  • You may additionally encounter copper plumbing. Copper pipes are sometimes joined to rest room shut-off valves by a process called sweating, which entails soldering the joint with a blowtorch. This isn’t essentially an impediment for DIYers. You possibly can simply lower a sweated copper joint and change it with a compression connection, avoiding the necessity to wield high-intensity flames and flamable fuel. However, if you wish to “sweat” the brand new joint, it’s finest to go together with an expert plumber.

Lastly, remember the fact that, like many plumbing initiatives, as soon as you start to exchange a bathroom shut-off valve, your house can be with out water till you full the restore. Be sure to have all the correct provides earlier than you begin, so you’ll be able to end the restore as shortly as doable and get your loos again in service. Your loved ones will thanks later.

STEP 1: Reduce the water provide.

Relying on how effectively you recognize your house, you might have to do some searching to locate the water main shut off valve. The valve is normally positioned within the basement however could also be present in varied locations, together with the laundry room, underneath the kitchen sink, or in a bed room closet. It’s possible you’ll even must enterprise into your yard to find the water essential shut off. When you’ve discovered it, tighten the valve to close off the water.


Replace a Toilet Shut-Off Valve: Drain the Supply Line



STEP 2: Drain the water traces.

Earlier than you take away the bathroom shut-off valve, you’ll want to empty the provision line to stop the water remaining within the pipe from gushing out onto your lavatory flooring. Open a faucet that’s beneath the extent of the bathroom valve you’re changing. This step permits extra water to empty out of the water traces above it, together with the pipe that provides your bathroom with water.

STEP 3: Disconnect the provision line.

The bathroom provide line is the versatile metallic hose that runs from the bathroom to the valve. Place a small bucket on the ground underneath the valve to catch any extra water that escapes from the road earlier than you take away it. Use a crescent wrench to take away the bolt that connects the provision line to the valve. Then disconnect the road from the valve.


Replace a Toilet Shut-Off Valve: Remove the Old Valve



STEP 4: Take away the outdated bathroom shut-off valve.

The method for eradicating the bathroom valve varies relying on the kind of connection:

  • For compression joints, use a crescent wrench to unscrew the bolt connecting the pipe to the prevailing valve whereas holding the pipe with a pair of pliers. The pliers will forestall the pipe from being twisted or bent as you apply strain with the crescent wrench to loosen the bolt. When you’ve eliminated the nut, pull the outdated valve off of the pipe. Then take away and discard the nut and compression rings.
  • For sweated copper joints, place a tube cutter over the copper pipe as near the outdated valve as you’ll be able to. You could go away sufficient pipe extending from the wall to have room to put in the brand new becoming. Tighten the pipe cutter and rotate till it cuts fully by the metallic, after which take away the valve.

STEP 5: Set up the brand new shut-off valve.

If you happen to’re putting in the brand new valve to a copper pipe, use a deburring device to take away the sharp edge created while you lower it. Push the device into the pipe firmly and switch a number of revolutions till the sting is easy. Skip this step should you’re working with a PVC pipe.

Subsequent, slide the compression nut onto the copper or PVC pipe with the threads dealing with in direction of you. Then push the compression ring onto the tube. Slide the brand new valve over the pipe till it stops, making certain the valve’s outlet is appropriately oriented upward to obtain the bathroom’s provide line.

Hand-tighten the compression nut onto the threading of the brand new valve’s enter. Then use two crescent wrenches, one to carry the valve physique in place and the opposite to have interaction the nut, to tighten the nut one other half flip.

STEP 6: Connect the bathroom provide line.

Join the bathroom provide line to the brand new shut-off valve. If the provision line features a compression nut, you’ll be able to take away and discard the nut included with the brand new valve. Thread the nut onto the valve output. Hand-tighten the nut, then use a crescent wrench to tighten it one other half flip.

If you happen to can’t get the provision hose to line up with the brand new valve, you’ll must loosen the valve nut and reposition it, so it traces up with the provision line. Be sure to adequately tighten all nuts earlier than continuing to the following step.


Replace a Toilet Shut-Off Valve: Turn on the Water



STEP 7: Activate the water.

Open the water essential in the home then loosen the bathroom shut-off valve by turning it counterclockwise. Because the water begins filling the bathroom’s tank, examine for leaks across the new valve.

If there’s a leak, shut off the water, empty the traces, and unscrew the valve’s compression nut. Add plumbers tape or plumbers putty to the threads on the valve. Reinstall, ensuring to tighten all compression nuts, and recheck the becoming.

Changing a leaky bathroom valve is a restore that almost all DIYers can full in a number of brief hours. By following these easy steps, you’ll be able to be certain that your bathroom valve alternative will go easily, eliminating the offending leak and permitting you to get your bathroom again into service.

This mission is one that almost all DIYers can deal with, however keep in mind to not chunk off greater than you’ll be able to chew. Wrestling with outdated corroded iron plumbing is a recipe for DIY catastrophe. You possibly can handle the PVC and copper repairs your self however name a plumber for the outdated stuff.


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