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How To Put The Washing Machine In The Bathroom Of 5 Square Meters? 35 Design Solutions, Super Show Senior!

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Washing machine, is a necessary appliance in our home

It is so large, where can be placed?

Because basically every day we need to use the washing machine

That is, it is used very frequently

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So no matter where it is placed

I hope it can be convenient for the family to use

At the same time, I also hope that it can be beautiful

Make the whole home looks clean and tidy

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Washing machine in the sink

Putting a cabinet or washing machine under the sink

It can make great use of space

And after washing, it is convenient to put the clothes to be washed

It is also very convenient to throw in

It is convenient to put the washing machine in the bathroom for water storage and drainage.

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The washing machine is designed under the sink

This is very convenient for drainage

The sink can be customized according to the size of the washing machine

You can also make a storage cabinet by the way

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Bathroom storage cabinet with washing machine

Combine the bathroom cabinet with the washing machine

is also a good choice

Design the cabinet according to your needs

First set aside the size of the washing machine and then put the washing machine in

Aesthetically pleasing and easy to clean

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Washing machine

You can also put it together with the storage cabinet

Or place the washing machine in the corner

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Precautions for placing the washing machine in the bathroom   

Because the bathroom environment is relatively humid

So the location of the washing machine should be placed in a dry place

If the washing machine is placed directly on the floor

To use something a little higher

Prevent the ground water corrosion washing machine

Affect the service life of the washing machine

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The location of the washing machine in the bathroom should avoid the bathing area

In order to avoid the bath time

The water splashed to the washing machine is also easy to have damage to the washing machine ~

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Install the washing machine storage cabinet

With a folding door or sliding door

You can also make the washing machine life longer ~

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