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How to Install A Quick Connect Hose – Step by Step

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How to Install A Quick Connect Hose – Step by Step

how to install a quick connect hose

Installing a faucet is a tedious thing that has always troubled many people. With the humanized design and development, the quick connect hose was born. The clever design of the quick connect hose greatly reduces the cumbersome installation of the faucet, making it easier for people to install the water pipe. But there are a lot of people who don’t know about quick connect hoses. In this article, we will explain what a quick connect hose is and how to install a quick connect hose step by step.

What is a quick connect hose?

how to install a quick connect hose

The term “quick connect” simply refers to the ability to connect a pipe to a connector hose very quickly. Introduced to the water treatment industry in the late 70’s and early 80’s, quick connect fittings revolutionized the way we put together water appliances. Quick connect couplings are the fastest way to provide a watertight connection between plumbing and water treatment applications.

How does quick connect hose work

The beauty of the quick connect hose is its simple design. It consists of three separate components: collet, o-ring and body. The fitting body conceals the O-rings and collets at both ends. Your tube should be inserted through the collet, o-ring into the body of the fitting. These three components form a watertight seal.

As the pressure inside the pipe increases, water or air forces the collet into the groove inside the fitting. The groove compresses the collet, allowing the small teeth on the inside of the collet to drill into the tubing, making it nearly impossible to disconnect the tubing. So, the more force you pull on the tube, the tighter the collet will be. As the collet continues to hold the pipe in place, the O-ring seals the space between the pipe and the joint it connects to, making it waterproof. The most common cause of leaks with quick connect fittings is that the pipe is not fully pushed into the fitting.

How to install a quick connect hose

Step 1: Close the hot and cold water supply valve under the sink.

Step 2: Put a bucket at the faucet connection.

Step 3: Thread the brass hose adapter onto the faucet hose clockwise by hand and tighten with an adjustable wrench. Do not over tighten.

Step 4: Note that this hose adapter has a flat gasket on the bottom to prevent any leakage between the hose and the brass hose adapter.

Step 5: Push the brass adapter up until you hear a click or until it passes the shank adapter O-ring.

Step 6: The handle adapter is a brass piece with the outer O-ring at the end of the faucet handle, shown above).

Step 7: There is also a flat rubber gasket on top of the shank adapter to keep water from leaking at this connection.

Step 8: Tighten the set screw.

Step 9: Note that it is normal for the hose adapter to move up and down and side to side. However, it should not fall or leak on its own.

Step 10: Turn on the water slowly and test the connection for leaks.


Quick connect hose, also known as quick connect fittings, make water treatment faster and more efficient than ever. However, if they are not installed properly, they can cause problems with your water filtration system. That’s why it’s so important to understand how quick-connect fittings work. I believe that this article will help you understand how the quick connect fittings work and what need to look out for when you are using them.

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