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How To Identify Kohler Faucet Model – Where To Find

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Kohler faucets are renowned for their superior quality, elegant design, and exceptional functionality. However, when it comes to maintenance, repair, or upgrading parts, knowing the exact model of your Kohler faucet is essential. Identifying the model can be a bit challenging, especially with the vast range of Kohler faucets available in the market. In this comprehensive guide, we will show you how to identify Kohler faucet model, along with the various places where you can find the necessary information.

how to identify kohler faucet model

Understanding the Importance of Identifying Your Kohler Faucet Model

Before delving into the identification process, let’s understand why knowing your faucet model is crucial. Different Kohler faucets may have unique features, sizes, and designs. By identifying the specific model, you can:

a) Ensure Accurate Repair and Maintenance: Kohler faucets consist of various components that might require replacement or maintenance. Identifying the model helps you find the appropriate repair parts, ensuring seamless functionality.

b) Get Matching Accessories: If you wish to add accessories like a soap dispenser or a sprayer, knowing the faucet model ensures that you choose compatible components.

c) Receive Proper Customer Support: If you encounter any issues or have questions about your faucet, knowing the model allows you to seek the right customer support, saving time and frustration.

How to Identify Kohler Faucet Model

how to identify kohler faucet model

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Now, let’s explore the step-by-step process to identify your Kohler faucet model:

a) Start by Checking the Faucet Itself: The most straightforward method is to look for any visible markings or labels on the faucet. Kohler often stamps model information on the faucet’s underside, handle, or escutcheon plate. Inspect the faucet closely for any imprinted letters or numbers.

b) Examine the User Manual or Original Packaging: If you have the user manual or still possess the original packaging, you can find the faucet model information printed on them. The manual may have a section that specifically details the model name or number.

c) Utilize Kohler’s Online Resources: Kohler provides an online product finder tool on their official website, which can be a valuable resource for identifying your faucet model. You can enter relevant details, such as faucet type, handle style, finish, and installation type, to narrow down the options.

d) Seek Help from Kohler Customer Support: If you’re unable to find the model using the above methods, don’t hesitate to reach out to Kohler’s customer support. They are knowledgeable and experienced in helping customers identify their faucet models. Be prepared to provide them with any relevant information about your faucet for a more accurate identification.

Where to Find Kohler Faucet Model Number Location

how to identify kohler faucet model

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Having learned the identification process, let’s explore the specific places where you can find the model information:

a) Underneath the Sink: Many Kohler faucets have a tag or label attached to the supply lines under the sink. Look for any stickers or metal tags with model numbers or other identifying details.

b) On the Faucet Handle: Some Kohler models have the model number engraved or imprinted on the faucet handle. Carefully inspect the handle for any markings.

c) On the Faucet Base or Escutcheon Plate: For some models, the information might be located on the faucet base or the escutcheon plate, which covers the holes in the sink deck.

d) Inside the Spout: In a few cases, you may need to remove the spout to find the model information. This step might require some basic plumbing knowledge, so if you’re uncomfortable, consider seeking professional assistance.

e) Online Retailer’s Order History: If you bought the faucet from an online retailer, log in to your account and check the order history. The model information is often listed alongside the purchased item.

f) Previous Receipts or Invoices: If you had professional installation or any previous repairs done, check your old receipts or invoices. The model details may be mentioned on these documents.


Identifying your Kohler faucet model is a crucial step in maintaining, repairing, or upgrading your faucet. By following the step-by-step process provided in this guide and exploring the various places where you can find the model information, you’ll be well-equipped to make informed decisions regarding your Kohler faucet. Remember, when in doubt, don’t hesitate to seek assistance from Kohler’s customer support or professional plumbers to ensure accuracy and avoid any potential mistakes.

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