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How to Fix The Water Coming Back Up Kitchen Sink

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How to Fix The Water Coming Back Up Kitchen Sink

how to fix the water coming back up the kitchen sink

For many people, the kitchen sink is an integral part of the home, often used to wash, clean and prepare food. Unfortunately, the water in the sink can accumulate water from time to time, which can affect your productivity in the kitchen. There are many culprits for a collapsed kitchen sink, such as clog. To help you find the problem and fix it, this article analyzes the common causes of water coming back from kitchen sink and guides you on how to fix the water coming back up kitchen sink.

Why the water coming back up kitchen sink

Clogged kitchen sink pipe

Clogged pipes are a common cause of backflow in the kitchen sink. Kitchen sinks often have debris buildup that, over time, can narrow the opening of the pipe, making it harder for water to pass freely. As the problem worsened, the water had nowhere to go but was pushed back into the sink drain.

Main drain pipe clogged

A clogged main drain can also be the cause of a collapsed kitchen sink. All sinks drain into the main drain, which connects to the municipal sewer or your home’s septic system. Food, grease, grime, and hair that builds up in the sink pipes end up going down this main line. If sticky material builds up in the drain, covering the inside of the pipe, the flow of water can be restricted and back into the sink.

Clogged vent pipe

A clogged vent pipe can be the cause of backflow in the kitchen sink. Your ductwork needs effective ventilation to function properly. This ventilation allows the system to draw in the air needed to keep the water flowing smoothly. If your vent pipes are clogged, water may have difficulty flowing through the system.

Clogged washing machine

A clogged washing machine can cause water to back up into the sink. Have you noticed that the water only runs back into the kitchen sink when the washing machine is running? If so, the blockage is likely coming from your washing machine pipes. Unclogging this duct can be tricky because you need enough force to clear the blockage.

How to fix the water coming up from the sink

When water gets into the kitchen sink, the most important thing is to find the clogged area and unclog it.

One way is to check your other fixtures, as water can back up in these as well as your sink. For example, if your sink only backs up when the washer drains, it’s most likely clogged in the washer plumbing.

If you can catch the blockage early, the best way to deal with it is to use a plunger. Using the toilet is easy – but remember to close and plug the overflow tube beforehand. If you think the blockage is in a pipe that connects to a fixture like a washing machine, but is connected to the sink, it may be worth filling the sink with water and then trying to force the blockage out.

It’s worth remembering that while blockages can be painful if dealt with quickly, they can usually be resolved easily and won’t have long-term effects on your home. If you have a blockage that you can’t easily find or can’t get rid of, it’s worth calling a plumber so you can fix it without any other problems.


A good habit for your plumbing is to pour hot water down the drain after every use of the sink to keep everything clean. You may also want to use drain caps to trap debris before they can damage your pipes.While a clogged drain is an easy DIY solution, it’s always a good strategy to prepare for serious plumbing failure. When you’re at a loss, it’s recommended to ask a plumber for help.

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