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Dry Goods | Comfortable Shower Product Selection Strategy, A Good Bath Is Very Important!

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Fast-paced life of urbanites rarely have time to soak in a bath to relax, most of the time using the shower method of bathing. In fact, the shower hardware also began to have the function of water flow massage points, relieve physical and mental fatigue, to create a dry, comfortable shower space can also bring you a very healthy lifestyle.


Shower doors create a refreshing bathroom with dry and wet separation

Shape selection: based on the size of the bathroom area

The common shape of the shower door includes a word, L-shaped, pentagonal, arc, S-shaped and T-shaped, etc. The shower door of a small bathroom is more L-shaped, pentagonal; arc, T-shaped, S-shaped, etc. are suitable for larger bathrooms.

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When choosing the shape of the shower door also need to pay attention to the way to open the door. Generally speaking, the push-open door needs to have space to stretch, and the sliding door will not take up other space.


Pay attention to the material: 8 mm thick tempered glass for the panel is good

Shower doors are generally aluminum alloy as the frame, with reinforced glass and acrylic materials. The surface of the panel is divided into transparent and opaque two, opaque can be divided into flowing pattern, teardrop pattern, balsam pear pattern.

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Select transparent panels should use reinforced glass to make panels, and glass thickness should be more than 8 mm or more. When choosing opaque acrylic material, it is important to see whether the panel is easy to break, more high-end shower sliding door with reinforced glass for the panel, with open shower door.


Framed PK frameless: frameless shower doors can extend the visual effect

The actual installation of framed shower doors takes up more space, so it is generally recommended to choose frameless shower doors, especially for small bathrooms, where frameless shower doors can achieve a visual extension effect.

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Fixed frameless shower doors can be taken as reduced force rod type, embedded and suspended type, of which embedded will be the most stable with a fixed piece completely embedded in the groove above the door panel. In addition, the structural strength of the wall is also an important consideration in the selection of frameless sliding doors, if the bathroom walls are lightly spaced walls, the walls are at least filled with foam cement to ensure the safety of use.


Door rails and other details: smooth and durable, pay attention to humane features

Shower door track if the use of plastic sliding track, will soon crack off the track, lose the function of opening freely. A good sliding door track is made of copper, the pulley is nylon material, so that pushing and pulling up is smooth and durable, and should also pay attention to whether the aluminum frame and wall plate and closed track tight seams. Otherwise, long-term push and pull switch collision easy to make the door piece loose.

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Now the details of the shower door has gradually humanized design, its aggregate is more detailed, the corners to round, the edges are also elaborate, no track under the pull door, wheelchair can directly enter, more in line with the modern emphasis on the need for sophisticated living goods.


Installation and construction: pay attention to the location of the drainage hole and leave a gap to avoid lack of oxygen

Many friends found that they could not put in the shower door after knocking off the bathtub, mainly because the drainage hole position is too far away, so before installing the shower door, pay special attention to the flushing hole position and ground height difference, or ask the decoration party to provide the plumbing line plan to avoid the shower space from collecting and draining water normally.

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In addition, for safety reasons, it is recommended to leave a gap of 0.5 to 1 cm above the shower door panel to avoid lack of oxygen during showering, and the door panel can be installed with a pull type or roller type instead of a push type door panel, so that the door panel can be opened at the first time in case of an accident.


Shower column rich functions to meet the fast-paced urban pressure

Touch and feel the material feel: smooth and polished

Shower column panel material can be roughly divided into acrylic panels, aluminum, copper plating complex, stainless steel, reinforced glass several categories, which in turn, good texture, small volume of aluminum panels and stainless steel is most widely used.

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Selection of the shower column can first touch the way to feel the surface finish and texture, followed by a careful look at whether the seal in the shower column is smooth, whether the articulation is cracked, these should be carefully examined.


Height selection: consider the shower column only when the height of the floor is 2.7 meters or more

The standard height of a normal commercial room is 2.5 meters, while the standard height of a shower column is 2.2 meters. If you install it and raise the ground by 15 cm, it will be very inconvenient to use, so it is recommended to consider using a shower column when your floor height reaches 2.7 meters or more.

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The ceiling height of the bathroom and your height determine the height of the shower. In general, the faucet is 70-80 cm from the ground, the lift rod is 60-120 cm high, the faucet and shower column joint length is 10-20 cm, the shower height from the ground is 1.7-2.2 m. Consumers should fully consider the size of the bathroom space when purchasing.


Detail accessories inspection: pay attention to the seam and valve core

Mainly look at the shower column and faucet seam whether there is a trachoma or cracks. Trachoma is a copper material surface and internal in the casting process of small holes and cracks, if there is a trachoma, water will seep after the water, serious fracture will occur.

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In fact, the faucet spool is the most important part but the naked eye can not see, data show that the qualified spool can be switched 500,000 times, not up to this strength is easy to leak. When choosing a shower column, consumers ask the merchant to provide product data for comparison and reference.


Ensure the effect of shower column: choose shower function on the basis of matching water pressure

Water pressure is the main factor that determines the effectiveness of a shower column, so it is important to consult the required water pressure before purchasing the product, otherwise the shower column will not be effective even if it is installed. You can check the water pressure in your own home or ask a professional to measure the water pressure before installation, and then install a booster motor if the water pressure is insufficient.

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On the basis of matching the water pressure, users can choose the shower function according to their family needs. Such as thermostatic system with precise adjustment of water temperature, massage system with multiple position control, etc., which help you completely relax yourself and relieve your busy and tired body in the water while bathing.


Installation and construction: clear distance between inlet pipes, hot and cold water pipes

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Pay attention to whether the height of the shower column and the distance of the inlet pipe are compatible with the space of your own bathroom. Before installing the shower column, you need to measure the distance between the cold and hot water faucets with a measuring tape, because the distance between the inlet pipes varies depending on the product, generally around 15 cm.


Shower a variety of options with the home needs

Buried wall PK hanging type: buried wall type atmosphere, hanging type easy to install

Buried wall refers to the plumbing route buried in the wall or ceiling, such as a large square shower installed directly on the wall belongs to this type. The advantage of the buried wall type is the overall beauty of the bathroom space, the shower directly from the wall or ceiling water, smooth and dripping, suitable for use in a large area of the shower room.

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Hanging type as the name implies is hung on the wall, through the shower column connected or hand-held shower, the advantage of hanging type is not involved in wall demolition and other issues, more widely used than the buried wall type, use to avoid pulling the shower column to produce shaking danger.


Metal PK silicone material: silicone shower head is easy to clean

The shower head on the market is generally divided into metal and silicone two kinds of materials, metal shower head shape variety and beautiful, but silicone shower head cleaning is more convenient, because in the case of mild clogging, you can squeeze or use a needle to unclog the silicone water hole.

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In addition to the metal and silicone materials to highlight the process, some showers will also be exposed to the outside of the water hole, the texture of the rubber feel harder, and more convenient to clean.


Side spray shower PK handheld shower: side spray enjoy the pleasure of showering, handheld safety rinse in place

Side spray shower is generally embedded in the shower column, with the overhead shower and handheld shower, to bring a richer bathing experience. Before installation, the number and location of the side spray shower is planned in advance according to the need, while designing a good waterway renovation program, it should be noted that the side spray shower can also be adjusted in different ways as well as the direction of the water, so just open the valve, do not face the side spray shower, so as not to cause accidental injury due to unstable water pressure. People who often back, back pain, it is recommended to choose the side spray shower, through the water massage, can play a role in relieving pain.

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Handheld shower is safe to use, especially when there is no thermostatic faucet installed, can prevent abrupt cool or hot water stimulation when you just open the water valve, suitable for the elderly and children. Using a handheld shower, you can rinse a part of the body at close range and save more water. If someone in the family has mobility problems and needs to sit in the bath, the handheld shower can play its role even more.


Shower nozzle design: the more the number of nozzles can spray the greater the range, the more obvious Spa effect

Shower purchase in addition to observing the spray water flow is uniform, nozzle design will also directly affect the form of water flow, nozzles can be divided into single-hole type (direct water column) and multi-hole type (fog, needle-like water flow), by affecting the intensity and strength of the water spray, resulting in the formation of rain, massage type shower water. In general, the greater the number of water nozzles can spray a larger range. You can lock the body position impact for individual needs to achieve the spa effect.

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The water pressure and water volume of the shower has a great impact on the comfort of the shower, so it is recommended to choose a shower with high water pressure as much as possible. Some of the shower with a variety of water outlet, the design is becoming more and more humane, can be adjusted at will out of the aerobic, rain, wave, torrent and other water outlet, at your own pace “bath”, to improve the comfort of bathing and bathing pleasure.


Installation and construction: check the load-bearing capacity of the installation wall and the water stopping condition of the shower

Before the installation of the shower, in addition to determine its water, the most important thing is to observe the shower off the water after the water stopping situation, if the test water from the shower dripping incessantly, it is not recommended to buy and install.

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Shower installation process is relatively simple, if you choose to bury the wall shower, the construction must consider the load-bearing capacity of the installation wall. Shower area is large, may require multiple water supply at the same time to ensure the amount of water.


Editor’s summary:

The function of shower equipment is becoming more and more perfect, multifunctional shower and shower column often fused into a whole purchase, the general family choose the most affordable and efficient combination of handheld shower, lift shower column, external shower faucet. Although there are many functions of shower products, it is still important that the equipment should be suitable for the individual bathroom environment to create the most comfortable and healthy shower space for daily living.

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