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2021 Bathroom Without A Sink, Installed Wall-Mounted Toilet, Practical And Beautiful

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Now some open houses in order to save construction costs, the delivery of the housing bathroom is flush with the living room, there is no caisson location of the case, the toilet plus the elbow of the sewage pipe, the installation of ordinary conventional toilet, then you have to raise the bathroom floor to be enough position, so that the overall comfort of the space will be relatively poor.

In order to make good use of space and make the bathroom more comfortable, it is generally recommended to install wall-mounted wall discharge toilets, so that the mouth of the sewage pipe is on the wall and there is no need to raise the floor. In the wall-mounted toilet, assembly out of the benefits are also more: one is more simple and beautiful, the second is no bathroom dead ends, easy to clean, three is not need to raise the ground, easy to move.




Here, share some cases of space utilization and design for the installation of wall-mounted toilets in bathrooms, you can learn from!


/ / One. Install a small low wall behind the toilet / /

Wall-mounted toilets require the installation of water tanks and pipes on the rear wall, so it will protrude part of the wall, which will form a small dwarf wall, and this small dwarf wall can also become a good place to place paper towels and toiletries.

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// Two. Wall hole behind the toilet //

In the base of the short wall, above the installation of several layers of grid shelves, can also make the space visual more simple, while bringing a wealth of practical storage wall hole location.

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// Three, behind the toilet low wall + hanging cabinet //

If you feel that the wall hole open storage is easy to accumulate dust, you can also consider installing hanging cabinets above the low wall, so that the use of space will be more real.

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// Four, the wall behind the toilet to do flat //

The overall work of the wall behind the toilet makes the space more simple and beautiful, and enhances the harmony and design of the space.

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Finally, it is necessary to add that: the wall-hung toilet needs to be installed on a load-bearing wall, and if it is a light wall, you need to think of another way.

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