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Direct Flush Toilets And Siphon Toilets? Which One Is More Practical?

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Direct Flush Toilets And Siphon Toilets? Which One Is More Practical

People can’t live without the toilet.

Some data points out that, in general, people have to go to the bathroom 6-8 times a day. Assuming that each time only use the bathroom for two minutes, then in 365 days a year, we have at least 4 days to spend on the toilet.

This shows that a reasonable choice of toilet can bring great convenience to our life.

siphon toilet

We seek to sit comfortably, but also seek less clogging of the toilet.

Which is better, the direct flush toilet or siphon toilet? Here I will analyze it from various aspects.

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Direct flush toilet

Advantages and disadvantages.

A direct-flush toilet has a wider pipe and a smaller curvature. It uses the gravity of the water to flush the toilet.

Discharge capacity: A direct flush toilet has more flushing power and a more concentrated water flow. It also has a thicker pipe caliber, so it is less likely to have clogged pipes. But the flushing ability for the inner wall of the toilet is not as strong!

Noise: The direct-flush toilet is recognized as very noisy.

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Siphon Toilet

Advantages and disadvantages.

The siphon toilet pipe is slightly narrower and more curved. Relatively speaking, it will consume more water.

Drainage capacity: The siphon toilet can easily flush to the inner wall of the toilet. However, it is not as easy to handle the larger dirt, which can easily cause clogging.

Siphon Toilet: A newly purchased siphon toilet is basically free of noise problems. It is almost silent. When you close the bathroom door, flush the water a hundred times and no one will notice you.

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After talking about the ordinary toilet, and then talk about other toilets


Wall-mounted toilet

Wall-hung toilets are very laborious to install. Its hidden tank design requires the destruction of the bathroom wall. Its installation cost is high and maintenance is not easy.

Of course, these do not affect his advantages.

That is high value!

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If you want to make your home a little more stylish, wall-mounted toilets are well worth considering.

(I personally do not like this type of toilet, after all, the toilet is empty underneath. Sitting on the toilet is always worried about the sudden collapse of the seat, not a foot on the ground feeling.)

It’s like sitting in space on the toilet, and it’ s fidgety.

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If your family is sensitive to sound, it is better to choose a siphon toilet or a more quiet wall-hung toilet. If the family lives in an old neighborhood with bent pipes, and it itself has the problem of aging pipes, I still recommend choosing a direct-flush toilet with a larger flush.

How to choose a toilet is the analysis of the actual situation from the individual.

Finally, intimate knowledge.

The correct way to flush the toilet is to cover the toilet lid and then press the flush button, so that bacteria do not float into the air.

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