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【Headlines】 Spending Thousands Of RMB To Buy A Smart Toilet, Is It Worth It In The End?

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【Headlines】 Spending Thousands Of RMB To Buy A Smart Toilet, Is It Worth It In The End?



Our Two Major Misconceptions About Smart Toilets. 

Sharing A Smart Toilet With Others Will Cross-Infection?

Many friends, including me, used to have a question: Is the smart toilet hygienic? If shared with others, will it cause cross-infection? If it doesn’t hold down the splash perfectly when you urinate or defecate, dirty objects will then splash and stick to the nozzle that flushes your butt. What should I do? This is a very frightening problem!


For those who are worried about this problem, when buying a toilet, please pay attention to the following features.

Self-Cleaning Nozzle

Practical Index ★★★★★


Nozzle self-cleaning function means: when the nozzle is extended or retracted, it will automatically spray a small stream of water to the nozzle for self-cleaning. That is to say, the nozzle will be self-cleaning before and after the rinse butt.

Removable Nozzle

Practical Index ★★★★


There are some smart toilet nozzles that can be removed. Every once in a while, you take it off to clean and disinfect it, so that you can use it with more peace of mind.

Anti-Bacteria Technology

Practical Index ★★★★


Antibacterial silver ions are added to the nozzle, seat and ceramic locations. More advanced toilets can also sterilize the nozzles with ultraviolet light. They use high-frequency UV light to destroy harmful organisms and kill most bacteria and viruses.


Is The Water Used To Wash Butts Clean?

If you are worried about the hygiene of the nozzle, you may also be worried about the water that comes out. Then you should pay attention to the three functions of “double washing”, “deep filtration” and “instant hot water spray”.

Two-Way Wash

Practical Index ★★★★★

image007 1

In order to ensure that the water used to flush the buttocks is clean enough, the smart toilet should be designed with a dual waterway structure. It separates the private wash water and toilet flushing water interval. It is to ensure the cleanliness of the water used for private washing from the source and avoid re-pollution in the transmission process.

Deep Filtration

Practical Index ★★★★★

image008 1

In the area of hard water quality, you must pick an intelligent toilet with a deep filtration function, otherwise.

  1. solenoid valve is easy to clip foreign objects, resulting in nozzle leakage.
  2. The nozzle itself is easy to clog.
  3. Bad water quality, bacteria through the private parts into the body, thus affecting health.

Instant Hot Water Spray

Practical Index ★★★★★

image009 1

The heating mode of the water jet generally has two types, storage heat type and instant heat type.

Storage heat type has a water tank. He sprayed hot water are from the water stored in the tank.

It has many disadvantages.

Because of the limited capacity of the tank, the hot water time is generally only 15-30 seconds. It can not be cleaned for a long time.

The water in the tank that has been heating or holding water is very power-hungry.

If you do not use it for a long time, the water in the tank may be contaminated.

The instantaneous heating type does not have a water tank. It ejects water directly converted into hot water through the instantaneous heating device, convenient and hygienic, so this one is recommended.

Without These Features Do Not Deserve To Be Called Intelligent Toilet

I answered the most concerned about a few questions. Now about the functions of the smart toilet, which must have the following functions:

Warm Water Washing

Practical Index ★★★★★

image011 1

People are rushing to buy an intelligent toilet for this function. You say it is important or not. Because each family member and the winter and summer water temperature requirements are different, the water temperature adjustment should have at least three gears.

Woman Wash Nozzle

Practical Index ★★★★★


The amount of water used, the strength of the water flow and the position of the water flow are different between feminine washing and ordinary PP washing, so a special feminine washing nozzle should be installed.

Cushion Heating

Useful Index ★★★★★

image013 1

When you sit on the toilet in winter, you will feel warm. It will not be an icy butt, and its temperature can be adjusted. People who buy smart toilets because of this reason should also account for half of the population.

Warm Air Drying

Practical Index ★★★★★


It must be dried after washing. The best is the warm air drying temperature, air volume can also be adjusted.


Which Functions Have Will Make The Toilet Better!

In addition to those mentioned above, the smart toilet has some detailed features. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have these features, but with them, it’s a pleasure to use.

Sensing Open Cover

Practical Index ★★★★★

image015 1

By infrared sensing, the toilet cover will automatically open when a person approaches. When a person leaves, it automatically closes and flushes. If the bathroom is particularly small, this function is even. Otherwise, when you wash your face, it will automatically open the lid, which is also a little annoying.

Nozzle Position Adjustable

Practical Index ★★★★


It can freely adjust the position of the nozzle. People of different sizes do not have to move their bodies to get close to the nozzle. You can also let the nozzle move back and forth to clean the area more comprehensively.

Massage Rinse

Useful Index ★★★★★


For patients with discomfort in private parts and the elderly, in addition to controlling the nozzle position, you can also change the water flow strength and direction to rinse and massage.


Useful Index ★★★★★


When the user sits on the toilet, it will automatically turn on. This function uses deodorizing systems such as deodorizing ions and activated carbon to eliminate odors in the bathroom in real-time. This is 10,000 times better than the toilet exhaust fan. You don’t have to wait for the odor to permeate the entire house and then let it be drained away, but directly in the toilet bowl.


Why Must Buy A Smart Toilet?

1、No More “Hot Butt To Cold Toilet”

Maybe you have not used the smart toilet cover, but you must be in the fall and winter season by the cold toilet cover ice over the butt.

In the winter toilets, we are slowly sitting on the seat. This is still inevitable when the whole person is shivering from the ice.

Many people have also tried to put on the kind of short fleece toilet seat. Although you really do not feel cold, you dare not think about the number of bacteria hidden between the lint. Not to mention, in case of carelessness, dirty things splashed on the cushion situation.


(This kind of cushion is very easy to breed bacteria)

But with the smart toilet, there will always be a suitable temperature toilet seat waiting for your butt.

2、Avoid Hemorrhoid Constipation

Daily use of intelligent toilet cover warm water flushing and warm air drying function can affect the capillaries around the anus to promote muscle slack and blood circulation, to avoid hemorrhoids, constipation, help stool function more can get rid of the pain of long-term constipation. Simply put, it can slow down hemorrhoids and constipation.

smart toilet

3、Avoid Bacterial Infection Of The Anus

There are about a thousand folds around the breeding of various bacteria. According to statistics, more than 40% of people suffer from anal disorders. There are even clinical experiments that prove that the popularity of smart toilet seats in Japan has reduced the incidence of uterine cancer in women.

4、Toilet Really Does Not Stink

When your toilet does not smell, it is equivalent to an extra space where you can hide and relax. If the flushing function of the intelligent toilet enhances the tactile feeling in the toilet. Then its deodorizing function greatly improves the olfactory environment of toilets. The indescribable odor can’t run out of the toilet in time and is absorbed by the built-in fan to the unknown faraway place.


(The smart toilet cover comes with an intelligent deodorizing function)

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