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Bathroom Common Storage Solutions, Space To Expand 3 M²!

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When it comes to the bathroom, usually the most problems focus on the small area, storage space is not enough. After all, under the pressure of high prices, it is not easy to have a house, the bathroom just a little bit smaller does not matter! But full of life wisdom of the people of Shanghai, has a good tradition of “snail shell to do the dojo”. Although the space is small, but will certainly find a way. Use the space to the maximum. Look at how they make full use of every inch of space in the bathroom.

One of the most easily wasted space in the bathroom is above the toilet, how to make full use of the space above the toilet?

There are several ways oh.

* cabinets: do not take up space, but also to meet the storage needs.

* shelves: to maximize the use of façade space.

*Ladders: both storage artifacts and decorative pieces.

*Mirror cabinets: visually expand the space.

Borrow these artifacts for storage, so that the bathroom is larger than 3 square meters.


Niche storage

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Not enough storage space in the bathroom, you can borrow from the bare wall behind the toilet. Install a closet behind the toilet to do storage, or in advance planning before the renovation, designed as a niche, the daily bathroom supplies can be placed in categories.

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Many readers will worry that the niche is not well taken care of. Over time, it is also easy to breed bacteria. Very simple, add a door for the niche can be. Once the cabinet door is closed, not only looks neat, but also do not worry about hygiene problems, but still need to do regular cleaning Oh!


Shelf storage

Many readers home bathroom is very small, and then put into a huge ladder. Storage will seem particularly crowded. Shelves that are practical and do not take up space storage is very practical. Not only is the load-bearing function good, it also does not take up space.

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Not only can it be used to place things, but it can also be used to place greenery.

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Or store the bath towels.

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If there is enough empty space, you can install more shelves, commonly used items classified storage.

640 11 5

Don’t waste the space behind the toilet.

640 13 5

Electric towel rack can also be used for storage and drying socks and towels in winter.

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Solid wood partitions, practical and beautiful, decorated with wall art to show the space more fashionable sense. At the same time, you can put storage baskets on it, used to store paper towels, aunt towels and so on.

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The three-layer partition above the toilet saves space and at the same time can store things, 100 points of practicality.


Ladder storage

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Ladder storage has long been a well-known storage tool that does not take up space and can store more items.

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This best can be customized according to demand, if there are more things, you can customize a few more layers, as long as the size is determined, you do not have to worry about the cabinet will not be stable.

640 25

Different ladders have different layering, you can choose multiple layers as needed, you can also buy the same model on a treasure.

640 27

Can also be without shelves, more space-saving.

640 29

A storage basket can be hung on to save space as storage inside the bathroom.


Mirror cabinet storage

Put a mirror above the toilet in addition to the daily use of the function, but also the function of expansion. Mirror can reflect, refract, increase the brightness of the room, so that the space in the visual effect doubled. In addition to this you can also combine the bathroom mirror with built-in storage to ensure aesthetic appeal while also placing items above the wall.

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I’ve talked about the benefits of mirror cabinets many times before. It is not only used to organize the appearance, but also to store items. When it’s closed, it’s not cluttered. You can click on the article to see more mirror cabinet storage.

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