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5M² Bathroom, How To Achieve A Bath + Shower? Too Resourceful

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It is a very happy thing to have a bathtub, but for various reasons, many families choose to abandon the bathtub, choose to install a shower, because most people feel that the bathtub utilization is not high, but also occupies an area, not as convenient and fast as the shower, but sometimes especially envious of other families have a bathtub, when leisure time can soak a hot bath.

In fact, you only need to spend a little bit of thought, you can easily solve this seemingly only two choose a difficult problem. Today I would like to introduce you to a design that can both soak and shower, even if the bathroom area is only 5 square meters, you can easily achieve the switch between bath and shower.

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Bathtub + bath screen   

Occasionally want to take a bath, but usually do not have time partners, you can try the bathtub combined with the screen, this match is very practical, but also very suitable for a small area of the bathroom.

For this bathtub requires special design, the bottom is best to have a non-slip pattern, in case of a fall in the shower, the bathtub installed against the wall shower, so that we can stand in the bathtub shower and can soak in the bathtub bath, a real two birds with one stone!

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Bath screen can have a variety of forms, you can simply install a glass bath screen, you can also choose to push and pull the bath screen, not only to save space, but also beautiful and generous.

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Choose a mini bathtub, a small tank body especially save floor space, so that you can soak a comfortable beauty bath in a limited space.

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Bathtub + shower curtain   

In addition to the shower screen, shower curtain is also a very good choice to avoid the splash of water during the shower to the rest of the bathroom, as well as play a role in blocking, no matter how the space, you can do the original wet and dry separation by installing a shower curtain.

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In addition after the use of the shower curtain water beads will stay, long-term down will produce mold, black spots and other health phenomena, so to replace every once in a while, for the more busy work of modern people is more inconvenient.

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