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3 ㎡ ~ 8 ㎡ Bathroom Decoration Design, Different Styles At Your Disposal

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Xiaoxin Bathroom Headlines

In the bathroom decoration, how to reasonably use the limited space is the most important, the bathroom in the decoration design and layout to pay particular attention to, today I have a comprehensive summary of the 3 ㎡ ~ 8 ㎡ bathroom decoration design.


3 ~ 4 ㎡ bathroom

How will you design it?

The front high value

As if staying in a tropical rainforest like style design, even the bath has a Zen. Put the warm water, sprinkle rose petals, there is nothing better in the world than relaxing in a bath.

The old things are abandoned is broken, but the good use is some unexpected stunning. The wooden furniture can be used to restore the rustic beauty, and the small life can be poetic.

When the healthiest green meets the bathroom, I think it is a pleasure to stay a few seconds longer to look good in front of the mirror. The design of wood-colored roof + window view above is special and exquisite.

Gradually broken mosaic seems like a dream of waking up, brush your teeth and wash your face in the morning to draw away from the dream back to reality, I hope this color will allow you to wake up and still see the beauty of the dream.

Gradually broken mosaic seems like a dream of waking up, brush your teeth and wash your face in the morning to draw away from the dream back to reality, I hope that such colors will allow you to wake up and still see the beauty of the dream.

Minimalist design is often also the result of excellence, the design and matching of wooden treads gives the whole space a stylish aesthetic. And at the same time can isolate a certain functional space.

If the sky is full of stars outside, the sense of the picture bathing by the window can also be fully romantic. Just in reality or adding a curtain is better, privacy is still more important than aesthetics.

Toilet side reading culture, in the end how many people have been adhering to it? In fact, the time to go to the toilet is the peak of inspiration for many people, so it is good to get a moisture-proof bookshelf.

Retro bathtub is estimated to be the love of many literary youth, so sensational bathing enjoyment, as if to the painter’s painting in the world of texture, it is estimated to want to sleep here.


Mirror cabinet and base cabinet 

Bathroom furniture size is not large, but can be commonly used in the bathroom trivial things such as face wash, toothbrush cup, razor are cleverly hidden behind the mirror, but also other slightly longer use cycle of washing and cleaning supplies neatly collected in the basin below the small cabinet. Together with the overall mirror design, it can be stretched out into a multiplied sense of space.


Inexpensive and good quality domestic tiles

Small bathroom wall and floor decoration need not be too elaborate, imported high-grade tiles cost a lot, and not easy to produce a strong aesthetic effect in a small space, it is better to use tens of dollars a square meter of domestic tiles.


Small area of the split toilet  

The most common toilet on the market is divided into the whole and split two. The overall toilet because the tank and toilet is a molding, the scrap rate is relatively high, the price is more expensive than the style of the split toilet, covers an area of some larger. So in a small space to choose a split toilet both save space and save money. Long but 70 centimeters of absolute “thin” split toilet seat to become the ideal choice for small bathroom.


Washbasin reject pillar basin  

In the small bathroom try not to install a pillar basin, because the column space below can hardly be used, unless wrapped in a specially customized bathroom cabinet, the two costs added up would be better to buy a narrow width of the counter basin, save money and then purchase a volume of a large undercounter cabinet. Add some small cabinets or brackets for storing odds and ends, plus soap dishes and towel bars and other hardware, super money and space-saving bathroom renovation is a great success.


See the deep but not wide bathtub 

Length of the bathtub below 1.5 meters, the depth is often deeper than the general bathtub, about 70 cm. This bathtub is easier to stand than the general bathtub, and will not affect the comfort of use in any way. Smaller bathrooms should choose a small and deep bathtub.


Toilet above the cabinet 

Above the toilet tank is the ordinary bathroom decoration “vacuum zone”, in fact, in the case of not affecting the toilet, we can use this space to do a hanging cabinet, the cabinet can be placed in the toilet paper, hand towels, detergent, etc..


Basin upper installation object shelves  

Whether on the surface of the basin or in the bathroom cabinet countertop, put more cleaning and sanitation supplies will look cluttered, and easy to touch down, so it may be worth nailing the upper part of the basin against the wall on a 10 cm wide shelf, as long as it can be put under the makeup bottle, brush, wash cups, etc. on it. The height of the shelf to not impede the use of faucets is appropriate, the material can be selected wood, glass, etc.



Simple black and white will make the bathroom look much brighter.

The original wood color is also very refreshing.

The mirror does not have to be square, choose a round mirror is also very personalized Oh.

You can choose some small checkered floor tiles, which look great on the floor.

Pure white tiles are too monotonous, come to a waist line it.

The blue wall, as if in the sea, in the bathtub will be happier to take a bath.

I always feel that the bathroom should have this kind of blue to look good.

Whether it is dark blue or light blue, or a variety of blue collage, there will be the feeling of the sea.

These 2 kinds of blue are also good.

If you think it is too monotonous, you can also set up a photo wall in the bathroom, well, but you have to make sure that your home has a shower room, otherwise it will not be fun to spill water.

Vintage decorations are also fun.

Separate the bathing area from the rest of the area, it is better to clean it.

Hanging a painting in the bathroom is also a good choice.

If you want to make your home look more lively, such a tile match is not very good?

Finally found a pink case, the girl’s heart do not miss.

Colorful tile collage, with a good match, absolutely awesome.

Mosaic to come.

Also very vivid color matching, red with green are out.

In the bathroom walls with some shelves, is also a good choice.

Vibrant colors will make the whole home vivid.

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