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The 10 Most Beautiful Designs Of Bathroom Cabinets, See Here!

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The 10 Most Beautiful Designs Of Bathroom Cabinets, See Here!

For each item in the high value bathroom, from wall tiles, floor tiles, washbasin, bathroom cabinets, bathtubs to faucets, showers and bathroom accessories, etc., in fact, we are looking for a better layout with the inner attitude to life. Achieve the harmony of every detail in order to properly express their understanding of the beauty of life.

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And behind the design of each high value bathroom, there is often a hidden exquisite bathroom cabinet. Therefore, the design of the bathroom cabinet also becomes increasingly important. If the cabinet is well designed, the space utilization is substantially improved. It is not only practical, but also can enhance the beauty and comfort.

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I bring you some beautiful bathroom cabinet designs, take a look!



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The simple luxury atmosphere of the original wood cabinet with white marble countertop makes the overall appearance of the light luxury style without loss of texture, and let the space in the elegant minimalist show a sense of quality of life.



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Out of the traditional rectangular bathroom mirror, round bathroom mirror is more beautiful. And then with the curry grille, full of a sense of seniority came out. Customized white basin and floor cabinets create a simple atmosphere for the space, so that the bathroom space with a shot is a sophisticated blockbuster.



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The ultimate minimalist style bathroom space looks clean and transparent. The hanging cabinet with marble countertop and irregular white lattice backdrop breaks the sense of dullness. The combination of open mirror cabinet and closed bathroom cabinet design makes storage meticulous and targeted.



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Double basin + double mirror can meet the simultaneous use of multiple people. A mirror cabinet meets the storage of toiletries. The partition wall is also a storage wall, making a niche with open cabinets. This meets the storage needs of various items and brings a more comfortable bathroom environment.



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For such a simple sink countertop and storage cabinets, it leaves a hollow frame in the middle for concealed lighting, which not only increases storage, but also increases the aesthetics. In addition to the floor cabinets, a set of multi-layered open storage cabinets are also extended next to it, thus making efficient use of the bathroom space.



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The design of this bathroom is stylish and individual. The bathroom cabinet and washbasin in black and white tones are distinct. Through the harmony of gray, with the addition of green plants and the appropriate use of floral tiles, it creates a chic and avant-garde sense of space.



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This bathroom cabinet is in the blue tones of the Mediterranean. It has a minimalist line design. Under the large area of white, it is like a dancing elf in the space. With a white basin and round vanity mirror, it looks simple and clean with a sense of high luxury.



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A large number of marble tiles can increase the texture of the space, and also looks high-grade and quality. The storage cabinet with overhang at the bottom not only saves space, but also avoids direct contact between the cabinet and the ground to prevent the cabinet from being corrupted.



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The bathroom space has a strong Scandinavian style. There are storage cabinets, grille sliding doors and pedestal basins in haze gray tones. They blend with the haze blue wall, and then embellished with marble texture, so that the entire bathroom space appears to be simple and generous in revealing a sense of cool and high.



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The overall design of the space is made simple. Every detail shows the ingenuity of washing, showering and storage: white basin, black faucet, white storage cabinet, round vanity mirror, diamond-shaped shower ……

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A good bathroom should not only look good and be practical, but also have both the happiness of healing toil.

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