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I Regret It. But Since Using The Smart Toilet, It Feels So Good!

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I Regret It. But Since Using The Smart Toilet, It Feels So Good!

It’s like opening the door to a new world!

Toilet comfort is very good!

It really works too well!

Why I did not buy it earlier!

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1 Do You Need A Smart Toilet?

No matter what home products are to be purchased, the first thing to do is to clarify their needs. Let’s not say where the advantages of smart toilets, first a few questions.

1. Is It Painful To Go To The Toilet In Winter?

Get up early in the morning, people are not fully awake. When you sit on the toilet on your butt, you are instantly awake because of the cold and icy touch.

2. Do You Have To Open The Lid In A Hurry To Go To The Toilet?

As the saying goes, people have three emergencies. Sometimes when you have a stomachache will be anxious to go to the toilet. At this time, you have to waste time to flip the lid. The whole person instantly becomes more impatient.

3. Is The Toilet Clogged Or Not Flushing Clean?

I do not know if you have ever encountered it. When you go to the toilet in a public place or someone’s home, will you encounter the situation of flushing difficulties? The water-filled pit and the dirt hanging on the toilet wall make people want to cover their faces and run away in a minute.

4. Do You Have A Slight Cleanliness Fetish And Always Feel The Toilet Is Dirty?

Usually, use it carefully, and clean it once a week. Glove, cleaner, toilet brush to a full set.

5. Do You Have The Embarrassment Of Not Having Enough Paper Towels After Using The Toilet?

After using toilet paper to wipe my butt, I was embarrassed at the moment when I ran out of paper.

If the above five questions your answer is yes, you can go down with me.

At the end how to choose a smart toilet? Smart toilet features each have their own mystery. You can get started as needed. But in the selection, it is highly recommended that you pay attention to these points below!


2 What Features Do You Need?

The intelligent toilet has a variety of functions such as cleaning, seat insulation, warm air drying, automatic deodorization, silent seat, etc. So what exactly can meet your basic needs?

  1. Seat Heating

When the winter temperature is below 0 degrees, the toilet is simply tortured! So, many people choose to go to the toilet in winter to open the bath for remote heating. There are also people who install a toilet seat cover to the toilet.

If you install a toilet cover to the toilet, this turns the temperature problem into a hygiene problem. Many guests come to the house for the New Year. This is unbearable for people who are a little bit clean!

So, the advantage of the seat heating function of the smart toilet becomes apparent. It is not only heated, but also relatively easy to clean! If you go to someone’s home and feel the toilet heating up, it may not be because the previous person just left, but people installed a smart toilet!

2. Automatic Flushing

When you’re done using the toilet, there’s no need to flush manually. It can flush with intelligent sensing! No more worrying about getting up at night to go to the toilet and forgetting to flush!

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3. Automatic Lid Flip

For smart toilets, everything is smart. For example, the induction lid function can sense the human body. When you walk into the toilet, it automatically opens the lid; when you leave, it will automatically close the lid.

You do not have to bend down to open the lid, the convenience of full points!

4. Clean Body Function

Initially, the most unacceptable function that makes people feel ashamed is the cleaning function!

Through the subdivision of the function, it is divided into women’s wash, mobile cleaning, hip wash, etc.

Although many people find it difficult to accept it at first, the most intimate function found after using it is also it!

The medical community’s long-term research results found that the experience and common perception of people’s long-term cleaning and health care: the lower body of the human body is wrinkled. After people urinate and defecate, if only wipe with toilet paper, this effect is not ideal. The best way is to timely rinse with flowing warm water, with hot air drying. This can be truly clean and hygienic. This can clean the lower body, but also activate blood health. This can prevent various anal and intestinal diseases, gynecological diseases, thus playing a role in health and beauty.

5. Automatic Deodorization

The most headache in the bathroom is the odor. Especially for the dark bathroom without windows, after you poop, the smell is suffocating. The smart toilet can be intelligently deodorized. It can be the fastest way to make the bathroom air fresh.

6. LED Night Light

When you get up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet and fumble for the toilet switch in the pitch darkness. After turning on the light, the strong light makes you unable to open your eyes, causing you to lose all desire to sleep. If you do not turn on the light and are afraid of hitting something, the smart toilet LED night light is the perfect solution to this problem.

Even if the smart toilet works well, it does not mean that all the smart toilets on the market work well. There are still differences between products and products, and it is important to buy and sell.


3 The Five Main Points Of The Purchase Of Intelligent Toilet

In the purchase of smart toilets, many people do not know what aspects to consider. In fact, the main look at the following five aspects.

  1. Check The Drainage Capacity. Choose Siphon Drainage

Drainage capacity can be said to be a hard indicator of the toilet! The toilet drainage method on the market is mainly divided into direct flush and siphon types.

smart toilet

The direct flush type is directly smashed down with water. It requires a large water tank to take up space. Water is easy to splash and noisy.

Siphon type relies on water pressure difference and flushing force together to drain. It has the efficacy of being fast and accurate, and its noise is also low.

2. Pay Attention To The Product Material. Choose Antibacterial Glaze

To solve the toilet hanging dirt, bacteria reproduction and other problems, both domestic and foreign over the years not only make research on the drainage method and pipe design, but countries have also developed a variety of clean glaze. For example, ultra-smooth glaze, nano-composite glaze, water-enhancing film technology, titanium dioxide coating, etc. For example, KOHLER’s wise clean glaze, JOMOO’s Shu clean glaze and self-cleaning glaze. These all belong to the category of ultra-smooth glaze.

Compared to traditional glazes, the surface of clean glaze has fewer defects and is brighter. It does not easily hide dirt and grime. Many large manufacturers, first-line brands will also add silver ions on the basis of ultra-smooth glaze. This makes the toilet with independent antibacterial and antibacterial effects. Many diseases such as hepatitis, intestinal infections, dysentery, etc. are spread through feces.

We should not only wash our hands before meals and after pooping, but also try to choose products with antibacterial and antimicrobial efficacy to prevent bacterial infestation.

3. Heating Choice Of Instant Heating Type

If you want to choose a good intelligent toilet in the water washing function, the first thing you need is warm water. The mainstream heating methods are ready to heat and store heat two. I recommend buying instant hot models! Storage heat is the toilet tank has a heating tube. It can be 24 hours of power consumption heat.

Because it is not flowing water, after a long time of use, it will breed bacteria and precipitate scale, thus making the toilet dirtier and dirtier. The instant heat type uses flowing water. It saves electricity and energy as it is ready to use. It greatly reduces the breeding of bacteria.

4. Focus On Comfort

The ergonomic toilet is comfortable to use, while it is also an important consideration for the purchase of products. Whether comfortable, it mainly depends on whether the product design is ergonomic, such as whether the toilet seat fits comfortably. In the purchase, you can try to sit on the spot.

5. Safety Standards Should Be High And After-Sales Service Should Be Good

As complex intelligent furniture, the safety of the smart toilet can not be ignored. When choosing a smart toilet, the first thing you need to confirm is whether it has reached the use of standards, and to confirm whether it has power-off protection and automatic power-off function.

Smart toilets are technological products, which leads to troublesome maintenance. When you are buying, make sure to ask about the warranty period and detailed terms. It is best to choose brand products that provide one-stop installation and after-sales service.

The smart toilet, do not buy you will regret!

Quickly talk about your views on smart toilets in the comments section.

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