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Do You Tile Bathroom First Or Do You Install Toilet First?

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Due to the special place of the bathroom, tiling with tiles is more delicate. Whether to tile bathroom or install toilet first has confused many homeowners. Don’t think that the order of the two is not important. The wrong tile bathroom is a big problem!

Generally speaking, renovators will recommend tiling first, and then installing the toilet.

Why Tile Bathroom First?

Many teachers believe that it is better to tile bathroom first and then reserve the place for the toilet. Use silicone to seal up the seam of the toilet before tiling in order to play a protective role.

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1, To Facilitate Later Maintenance Of The Toilet.

Tile first, in this case, the toilet is also easier to replace at a later stage. You only need to replace the toilet directly. On the contrary, if you install the toilet first, you will need to pry the tiles. This not only risks damaging the waterproofing layer, but is also time-consuming and requires re-tiling.

2Prevent Water Leakage And Seepage.

If the toilet is installed first, the later tiling part is more difficult to operate. The tiles close to the toilet are not easy to pave, which can easily cause water leakage due to improper paving. If water leaks, it is a tricky problem. Especially in the bathroom if water seepage leakage occurs, it is easy to cause odor at the same time, the impact is greater.

3Prevent The Toilet From Being Damaged.

Toilets are actually very fragile. If you install toilet first, then tile bathroom, it is easy to be scratched in the later decoration process, or cement mortar “accidentally” fall into the toilet and thus cause clogging. This will not be worth the cost.

Construction Steps

Installing a toilet is a simple part of the bathroom renovation process, but the sequence is important. Before the renovation, you need to understand the steps of construction.

1, Make Good Planning Of Plumbing And Electrical Lines.

Before construction, you must make the wireline and water and sewage pipe to make planning, so as to avoid the late misunderstanding.

2, Wall Treatment, Paste Wall Tiles.

After the installation of water pipes and wires, you can carry out wall treatment, which includes the treatment of the waterproof layer, painting the wall (which is why the toilet is installed first), paste the wall tiles.

3, Paving The Floor Tiles.

First, pave the wall tile in paving the floor tile. This is not only better waterproof performance, and the edges of debris dirt are also easier to clean. But before paving must pay attention to, leave enough distance and location of the toilet. Now the standard distance between the toilet pit is more than 30cm or 40cm.

4, Suspended Ceiling.

For the sake of beauty, bathroom decoration generally needs to do ceiling treatment, at the same time can be reasonably arranged lighting, lighting, bath position.

5, Sanitary Ware.

This time then install the toilet, the concern does not have to be so much. It is worth mentioning that before the renovation, you need to consider whether to use intelligent toilets. As the intelligent toilet should be connected to the power supply, it needs to be planned in advance.

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