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WOWOW Brushed Gold Stainless Steel Glass Rinser, Bottle Washer, Cup Cleaner, Bar Glass Rinser


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➤【Rinse Glassware in Seconds】It shoots a strong spray from 7 water jet holes and gets into all the nooks and crannies of the cups, making daily cup rinsing a breeze! With a slightly inclined angle design, the cup washer base drains water and residue into the sink without piling up.

➤【Reaches where you can’t】Perfect for rinsing that oddly shaped glassware, from baby bottles to wine glasses to coffee cups even vases, as long as the drinkware mouth is between 1 to 3.54 inches in diameter–you’ll never need to cram your fist into a mug again!

➤【Easy to Use】Made for quick rinses, it’s nice just to put the cup mouth downward and press the cup bottom lightly to automatically rinse it out, and the cup is ready to go again! Super cool gadget saves time and effort, making glass rinsing fun enough that everyone will enjoy it.

➤【Didn’t Cut Corners】Made of high-quality 304 stainless steel and copper, covered by 5 years limited warranty! Soft silicone protects your cups or glasses. Brushed Nickel finish is a highly elegant look that works with any decorating style for your kitchen.

➤【Easy to Install】Simple DIY replacement for a soap dispenser, kitchen sprayer, or sink hole cover – A great upgrade for homes, bars, milk tea shops, and coffee shops. The wrench, 3/8 tee thread connector, and supply line are all included, no plumber is required.

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WOWOW Brushed Gold Stainless Steel Glass Rinser

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stainless steel glass rinser

Convenient and Efficient Glass Rinser in Your Life

  • Simple and convenient to use, just hold the cup upside down on it and press it down with one hand for quick cleaning, freeing up your hands.
  • Multi-angle water outlet cleaning head to achieve multi-angle spray hole cleaning, effective cleaning cups, save time and effort, convenient and practical.
  • The gold cup washer made of brass + stainless steel, anti-corrosion and durable, super value for money.
  • Simple DIY alternative to sink nozzles, soap dispensers or sink hole covers.

stainless steel glass rinser

Powerful and Efficient Dead-End Cleaning

In order to ensure that the residue is completely removed, we upgraded the original 6 holes based on the 6+1 water holes 360 ° coverage and strong water pressure more efficient to let the residue is nowhere to hide, so that your cup after the use of simple as new.

stainless steel glass rinser

stainless steel glass rinser

stainless steel glass rinser

Practical Automatic Glass Rinser

Stainless steel bottle washer can rinse most standard drinkware, including wine glasses, baby bottles and travel mugs, and can be easily installed and used at home, bars or cafes, and supports different shapes and types of cups.


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Item Weight

‎1.9 pounds

Package Dimensions

‎4.72 x 4.21 x 1.06 inches


Brushed Gold


‎Stainless Steel



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