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How To Design A 10 Cm Washbasin Wall Corner To Play Narrow Cabinet?

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How To Design A 10 Cm Washbasin Wall Corner To Play Narrow Cabinet?

When it comes to storage in the bathroom, we often only think of bathroom cabinets and niches. But professional designers think more than we do and have more storage ideas. Install a narrow cabinet on the corner sink to the top, less than 10cm wide. This is not worse than the storage power of the bathroom cabinet, no longer need to worry about the bathroom storage space is not enough partners, quickly learn up!

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Whether it is installed single sink or double sink, it will be done against the corner of the wall. The extension area of the sink is against the wall, which comes out of an extra corner that is not used. At this time, the counter against the corner of the wall is installed on the top of the narrow cabinet, so that the resulting corner becomes practical and does not waste nooks and crannies space. And the countertop of the sink that extends against the wall will not be left vacant for anything. Compared to a normal sink, the utilization rate has doubled.

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The reason for installing a narrow cabinet less than 10cm wide on the sink is to set aside a certain amount of countertop for flexible use. Here you can put soap, a toothbrush. As well as in the wash, both sides of the countertop serve as a space to move. The edge of both sides of the sink is the boundary, and both sides are reserved for a 15cm wide countertop as a “movable countertop”.

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For the narrow cabinet less than 10cm wide, it is recommended to do a pull-out cabinet style. The general flush cabinet doors are not needed. Pull out the narrow cabinet can pull out the entire cabinet. So even if the cabinet is deep, it is very convenient to pick up and store items, do not have to “drill” into the narrow cabinet to find half a day. And there are problems with the opening and closing of the flush cabinet doors at the corners, inconvenient to use.

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The narrow cabinet on the sink can be designed with upper and lower layers. The top to the top area can be stored not commonly used toiletries, and the bottom area can be stored cosmetics or toiletries, including the countertop. In fact, the sink here also serves as a dressing table. Here you can wash and do your makeup without having to go back and forth. If you don’t have room for a dressing table at home, it’s good to have one for two purposes.

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The narrow cabinet on the sink will block the wall corner to death, leaving no gap. This is also saving for our cleaning in the future. You do not have to worry about the problem of hiding dirt. And the side of the narrow cabinet is not “idle”. Give it a wall lamp, so that the lighting role of the sink is achieved. This does not take up space, practical and good-looking.

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In addition to making narrow cabinets on both sides of the sink, you can also add a set of narrow cabinets on the middle counter of the double sink, so that storage and partitioning both. Or hang them directly on the wall, so as not to occupy an area.

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If you encounter the sink is not against the wall corner, then you can build a false wall. The hollow niche design in the corner also functions as storage. At the same time, this niche false wall can also be used as a semi-partition, separating the bathroom and other functional areas, so that one wall can be used twice.

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