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How To Choose A Bathroom Cabinet? Remember These 3 Points, So You Can Not Do Wrong!

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How To Choose A Bathroom Cabinet? Remember These 3 Points, So You Can Not Do Wrong!

how to choose a bathroom cabinet

  1. Do a good job of bathroom cabinet storage. Remember the mirror cabinet stores items that are easy to moisture and commonly used. Floor cabinets stores items that are resistant to moisture and relatively heavy.
  2. Bathroom cabinets have thousands of styles, but you can not like anything. Purchase bathroom cabinets in accordance with the style of home decoration, so that the match is not abrupt.
  3. Bathroom cabinets should take into account the beauty and durability. Different materials, prices and durability are different. In the purchase, you have to consider the budget before buying.

Bathroom cabinets carry the storage function of the bathroom space for washing.

It is also the face of the bathroom space.

But in life, the storage function of the bathroom cabinet is not properly used up.

The storage and use of many items in the bathroom

are closely related to the design of bathroom cabinets.

In the end, how to design a bathroom cabinet that is both functional and beautiful?

If your home bathroom cabinet storage space is compact, old-fashioned style, easy to mold and deformation, want to say goodbye to these pains?

Come on, upgrade your bathroom cabinets!

Bathroom 6


Bathroom Cabinets Can Achieve 100% Utilization Value

“My bathroom cabinet at home is obviously very large, but still can not avoid the chaotic situation that bottles and cans are piled up on the sink surface. I feel like I bought a fake bathroom cabinet.”

This friend, it’s not that your bathroom cabinet doesn’t fit, it’s that you’re not storing in the right way.

The first step in bathroom storage is to identify the items to be stored, sort and transfer them. The next step is to group these objects to be stored in the bathroom.

The storage space generally has a mirror cabinet, countertop, floor cabinet in three places.

Mirror cabinets.

Mirror cabinet space is small, and storage capacity is limited. This is the most suitable for storing some light and moisture-prone things like skincare products. Mirror cabinets have layers. Do not forget to put uncommon items on the upper layer, and common items on the lower layer. This is convenient to take.


Bathroom cabinets in small bathrooms often have small countertops. The entire countertop is almost filled by the basin. Here you can only put hand soap, aromatherapy, etc. But don’t worry, the wall-mounted on the non-perforated shelf box can easily handle it. This does not damage the wall, but also can increase storage space. Even if there are more toiletries, you do not have to be afraid that they have nowhere to put them.

Of course, if your bathroom cabinet countertop is big enough, it can be used in a big way. Put toothpaste, toothbrushes, and mugs on it. When you brush your teeth in the morning, things are right at your fingertips and within reach.

Floor cabinets.

Floor cabinets are low and humid, suitable for heavier things and bulky items, such as large bottles of detergent, laundry detergent, water basins, etc. Some floor cabinets do not have multiple drawers. Once you open the door is the drain, the storage space is very unorganized.

If you want to make full use of the space, arrange the storage box. Use the storage box for classification and storage. Here you can put at least a few dozen small things. And then with tiered shelves, the floor cabinet space can be used to the fullest.


How To Choose A High Value And Practical Bathroom Cabinet?

The key to choosing a bathroom cabinet is to see enough practical. The following are the two mainstream designs on the market.

cabinet 1


The bottom of this bathroom cabinet is designed to be suspended. It separates the cabinet from the ground, which can effectively spread moisture and humidity. It avoids the invasion of moisture into the cabinet and prolongs the use of the bathroom cabinet. And it has no sanitary corners, and it is easy to clean up.

The most important thing is that it is more space-saving, suitable for small square meters bathroom. But be aware that not all walls can withstand the weight of the bathroom cabinet. To hang it securely on the wall, make sure that the wall where it is installed is a load-bearing wall only.


Floor standing bathroom cabinets are easy to install. It has no requirements for the wall, so you can put it anywhere. But because the bathroom is always “wet”, especially the area without wet and dry separation. The bottom of the bathroom cabinet will often be in close contact with water and is easily affected by moisture and mold.

This time you have to choose a double-sided waterproof layer of floor bathroom cabinets to protect the cabinet. At the same time, it is larger than the wall-hung, more suitable for spacious bathrooms.


There Are So Many Kinds Of Materials Here, Which One To Choose?

Bathroom cabinets are subjected to the “baptism” of fog and wash water stains every day. Mold cracking and other problems will also come. If you do not want to install the bathroom cabinet in less than two years after the replacement of the new, the material of the bathroom cabinet should be durable enough.

cabinet 2

Bathroom cabinets commonly used materials are PVC, stainless steel, solid wood and multi-layer board, particleboard and another plate type.

Which waterproof moisture strength is stronger? Which material is more durable? Here to give you a one-by-one analysis.

PVC Bathroom Cabinets.

It is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) as the raw material. It is waterproof, and not easy to mold because of moisture. It is durable and affordable. But it is not resistant to high temperatures and has poor load-bearing capacity.

Stainless Steel Bathroom Cabinet.

It is processed using stainless steel plate material. It has a strong metallic appearance, but it has good wear resistance and moisture resistance. But the cabinet is thin, the style is relatively simple, and its surface is easy to be corroded and scratched.

Solid Wood Bathroom Cabinets.

It has a natural and simple texture and can enhance the style of the space. It has certain waterproof and anti-corrosion properties. However, if it is in a humid environment for a long time, it may crack and deform. You need to do a good job of daily maintenance. Because the raw material is solid wood, the price will also be higher than that of other materials.

Other Board Type Bathroom Cabinets.

They use various types of panels such as density board, multi-layer board, particleboard, etc. as the base material. After applying solid wood veneer panels to them as a whole, their surfaces are coated with waterproof paint. However, due to the production process and the impact of gluing materials, there may be a cracking phenomenon, affecting the waterproof effect.

The Four Types Of Panels Seem To Have Their Own Advantages And Disadvantages, Raise Your Hand To Ask: Which Material To Buy In The End?

In the case of a sufficient budget, you can choose the texture of a better bathroom cabinet of solid wood. Although the moisture resistance of solid wood bathroom cabinets is lower than that of PVC and stainless steel, you can improve its moisture resistance by waterproof protection such as painting the wood varnish. If you have a tight budget, you can choose the price of affordable PVC bathroom cabinets and other sheet-type bathroom cabinets. Stainless steel bathroom cabinets have strength, but the style is simple.

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