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The Home Bathroom Must Not Be Installed This Door!

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The Home Bathroom Must Not Be Installed This Door!

When it comes to renovating the bathroom in your home, everyone can tell a lot of experiences, such as the waterproofness of the floor and walls, the outlets left behind the toilet, and so on. A bathroom is a place that often needs to be treated with water, so renovation is more complex and comprehensive than other places. But one area that many people overlook when renovating is choosing a proper door. The bathroom door is very important, so which door can not be installed in the bathroom at home?

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A, Which Doors Are Not Suitable For Installation In The Bathroom

1, Wooden Door

Many people’s bathrooms will be installed in the wooden door because they feel like a wet place like the bathroom with wooden doors, it will look more antique some. Or that there are some people who feel that their wooden doors will be very compatible with their entire decorative style. If the other rooms are installed in the wooden doors, and only their own bathroom is not installed in the wooden doors, so it does look very incongruous, so many people will still install wooden doors in the bathroom. But I’m here to say that the installation of wooden doors in the bathroom is a no-no.

First of all, for those middle-class families, the wooden door is really a very, very bad choice. Because the installation cost of those solid wood doors we sell on the market is really very expensive. They are more expensive and impractical than those other doors. Because the bathroom is so wet, for a long time, that wooden door will sooner or later be moist and then erosion, which will lead to deformation and mold phenomenon.

2, Sliding Door

Now, most of the bathroom doors will be made in the form of sliding rails, but there are very few that will also be made into a sliding. Then this time, I have to emphasize. The sliding door is really very inconvenient. It is very unreasonable to have an extra door in a small space. This installation method of the door is only applicable to the decoration of large houses.

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Second, The Bathroom Installed Which Door Is The Most Practical?

1, Aluminum Doors

Now most people’s home bathrooms are installed with aluminum doors. Because it is a metal material, it will not be affected by moisture, corrosion resistance, and is also very solid. The middle of the general aluminum doors are translucent frosted glass, and light transmission is relatively medium, so it is more common for public bathrooms at home to use aluminum doors. And there are many kinds of aluminum doors, such as swing doors, folding doors and sliding doors.

There is no track under the flush door, which is relatively clean. Folding doors require high hardware, and the folding doors on the market now will have problems in 2 to 3 years. The sliding door is the most space-saving. If the bathroom is not large enough, you can do this sliding door.

There are many advantages of aluminum doors. But there is a fatal disadvantage that the sound insulation is not ideal. And because of its translucency, the inside of the hazy figure can be seen from the outside, coupled with poor sound insulation, which requires careful purchase for friends who are more concerned about privacy.

2, Plastic Steel Doors

Plastic doors are used by many families, and plastic doors of moisture and water resistance is very good. Its price is also the cheapest. So many families will choose when decorating. But the plastic door is very easy to deform, so it will make it very easy to break down. At that time we also have to spend money to buy another door.

And the shape of plastic doors is relatively ugly. If we use such plastic doors when decorating our homes, it will make the overall decoration of our homes become very low grade. So when we decorate our homes, we better not choose such plastic doors.

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Third, The Bathroom Door Selection Skills

1, we must first look at the size of the bathroom at home. If the space is small, in order not to let our bathroom produce a great sense of depression, we want to make as much space as possible for the bathroom. This is the most effective way is that when we choose the door, it is best to choose sliding doors. If we choose the sliding door, we must choose the sliding door with a very good guide rail. This can effectively reduce the trouble we have later.

2, of course, if your home bathroom has a large enough area, we do not have to save this little space. At this time we can choose more styles and a good sealing door. This type of door can provide consumers with a lot of space to choose from. Today what we want to talk about the bathroom door is also mainly for the open door.

3, after choosing a good way to open the door, we should start with the door material. The general bathroom is the most humid place in the whole family, so we must take this into account when choosing the door material. Currently on the market plastic doors have this feature, and the price is also very cheap. Many small restaurants use such doors to do bathroom doors.

In decorating a bathroom, every detail is important. Choosing the right door is no exception. In short, do not choose to install wooden doors in the bathroom. In addition, when decorating the bathroom, flush aluminum doors are the best choice.

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