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Do Faucet Filters Work?

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With the development of society, although living standards have improved, pollution has become more and more serious. The quality of tap water has dropped a lot, so the tap filters on the market are very popular among consumers. So what is a faucet filter? Is the faucet filter useful? Let’s take a look with the editor below.

1. What is a faucet filter

The faucet filter filters the heavy metals, pesticides and other harmful substances in the water, and can also improve the color and odor of the water. Secondly, it can also increase the taste and chlorine content of drinking water. Faucet filters are divided into pure water filters and ultrafiltration filters, but pure water filters filter out both beneficial and harmful substances, which are more suitable for the north. The ultrafiltration filter will only filter out the macromolecular substances in the water, which is more suitable for the South where the water quality is better. The filtered water can be consumed directly or used for cooking rice, etc.

2. Is the faucet filter useful?

1. Different types have different functions: generally there are simple and better types of filtration used in households. The general filter only passes low-cost PP cotton and compressed carbon, etc. The water filtered by this filter cannot be directly drunk. A better filter is like an ultrafiltration filter, which filters the tap water through an ultrafiltration membrane. The filtered water can be used directly in the kitchen for cooking or drinking, so is the faucet filter useful? This depends on the quality of the filter used.

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2. The function of the faucet filter: The faucet filter is a miniature water purification equipment directly installed on the faucet at home. It is simply filtered through PP cotton and compressed carbon. Generally, the filtered water of this equipment can only be used for washing vegetables, brushing teeth, etc. If you want to drink it, it must be boiled before drinking.

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3. The role of the pure water filter: the quality of the water filtered by the pure water filter is better. It uses ultra-low pressure reverse osmosis technology to filter out all harmful substances in the water. It can be directly drunk, just like in a shopping mall Same as mineral water. Secondly, using it to boil will not leave scale, but the pure water filter will filter out both beneficial and harmful substances in the water, so it is very suitable for households with serious scale.

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