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3 M² Bathroom Stuffed Under A Bathtub: It Is Recommended For Owners Of Small Homes To Learn

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The small home of the resident @ Guo Da Miss GTT is a finely decorated house. Although the bathroom area is not large, he also stuffed a small bathtub. 1.8 meters tall people are not crowded at all. Let’s take a look at how her home makes efficient use of space.

Small Home Bathroom

The shower room was delivered at the beginning of the hardcover house. I dismantled it and installed a Japanese deep-soaking bathtub. The size of the bathtub is 0.85*0.68*0.75m. Although the size is small, it is not crowded at all for a person of 1.8m in height.

There is a movable cushion inside. After taking it away, you can stand in the bathtub shower. When you soak in the bath, put the cushion to sit and have a good time. In addition, there is a foldable footstool, easy to get in and out of the bathtub, which is very thoughtful.

The toilet in the original hardcover house was replaced with a smart toilet, which really improved the sense of well-being. The value and shape of the toilet is very online, a sense of premium. When the cushion is heated, you no longer need to cool your butt in winter. It has an automatic lid flip, night vision light, automatic flush, buttock woman flush and other functions. All the functions are there. The foot kick flip lid function is simply my favorite, no longer need to manually open the flip lid. Its automatic flush function is also very convenient.

The window behind the toilet is fitted with Shangri-La blinds. The whole bathroom also becomes gentle, while adding privacy protection.

I also arranged two towel racks to put a change of clothes. This is a small size towel rack that I have searched for a long time. It is only 40cm wide, which does not take up too much space but is very practical. The other one is a smart electric towel rack. It is only 60cm wide, and you can set the temperature and time. So you no longer have to worry about wet towels moldy.

I also replaced the stainless steel shower with this thermostatic shower in the original finishing room. White appearance and the overall style of the bathroom is very compatible. You can switch the top nozzle, handheld nozzle, spray gun and downspout.

I also installed a curved shower curtain rod with no holes. When hanging the white shower curtain with cute patterns, the bathroom looks a bit Japanese and instantly enhances the atmosphere of the bathroom.

My bathroom storage principle is: hang as much as you can on the wall. Mouthwash cups, toothbrush sterilizers, toothpaste holders, air cushion brushes, hair dryers, hand soap, hand towels and other commonly used items are wall-mounted storage to free up as much counter space as possible. All the wall storage are chosen in clear white color. This is the simplest color that is not easy to get wrong, and will make the whole look clean and fresh and uncluttered.

Small Home bathroom

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