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WOWOW Cententset Ҳаммом ҳаммом бо дренажи Маҷлиси Мат сиёҳ

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ДИМ - Долари Иолоти Мутаҳидаи Амрико49.98
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Дастаки крани ҳамвори ҳамвории сиёҳ 2 бо рангу тариқи замонавӣ дар 1 пешниҳод карда мешавад. Бо кафолати 3-сола. Ҳоло ҳаммомро бо ҳамвории сиёҳ 2 дастпӯшакҳо харед!

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Ҳаммом ҳаммом matte сиёҳ 2 дастакис 2321400Б

As many people choose for a silver or chrome bathroom faucet, you can make a massive fashion statement with a matte black bathroom faucet. Not only does this color give your bathroom an elegant and exclusive look, the matte black color is still subtle and classic as well. Not coincidentally matte black has become a contemporary classic color when it comes to bathroom designs. Matte black is a trend that will not blow over quickly at all. The matte black finish of a bathroom faucet can give a modern touch to any bathroom.
One might underestimate the fact that bathroom faucets are one of the most important features in any bathroom regarding style. Although bathroom faucets are small, people tend to focus on the bathroom faucets as their sight is automatically attracted to these focal points. Therefore bathroom faucets can make or break any bathroom. Bathroom faucets have the ability to uplift a bathroom. A simple or minimalistic bathroom can get a massive uplift with stylish bathroom faucets. The stylish classic retro design of this bathroom faucet WOWOW makes your bathroom more fashionable at once. The bathroom faucet matte black 2 handles of WOWOW is one of these bathroom faucets that can really change your bathroom décor.
Ганини сиёҳ ҳаммом бо сиёҳ бо 2 дастак 
Style is one thing, but functionality might even be more important. On a daily base you use your bathroom several times and you want your bathroom to serve you in a way that supports your daily routine. That counts without a doubt for functions as a shower and a bath tub. But you probably use your bathroom sink even more than other features of your bathroom. That is why you should spend even more attention to this aspect of your bathroom. Besides a convenient bathroom sink, the bathroom faucet sets all the functionalities that you need.
The bathroom faucet matte black 2 handles of WOWOW guarantees a great water experience. This matte black 4 inch bathroom faucet has 2 handles. With these handles you can adjust the water temperature and speed steplessly to your needs. The high arc spout gives you enough space between the spout and your bathroom sink in order to comfortably wash your hands or rinse your face. The distance is 4.4 inches and offers ample space. Consequently, you don’t have to struggle with limited space as with a low arc bathroom faucet.
Above all, the rotatable nozzle of the bathroom faucet matte black 2 handles of WOWOW offers a 360-degree rotation for convenient using. The bathroom faucet matte black 2 handles comes with a lift rod drain in the same matte black color to form one unity with your bathroom sink. It is comfortably easy to open and close this drain assembly with the integrated handle at the back of this bathroom faucet.
Гумруки дараҷаи якум ҳамвори сиёҳ 2 дастак 
Besides its contemporary and bold designs, WOWOW is mainly known for its high quality standards. As it pushes these quality standard from the drawing board right into their ultra-modern factory, every minor detail of this bathroom faucet has been optimized to the maximum. That gives you a high quality bathroom faucet that will serve its purpose well and guarantees a long life endurance.
The durable leg of WOWOW’s bathroom faucet matte black 2 handles is made of solid brass material as this guarantees optimal performance and longest endurance. Also the construction is made of solid copper and finished with zinc alloy. You don’t need to worry about corrosion issues because of these materials. Besides, this bathroom faucet is lead-free to protect your family to the maximum. You feel the difference of this quality immediately when you hold it. This black bathroom faucet matte black 2 handles is stain-resistant as well. Therefore it is easy to maintain. That is what you get when you buy a high quality bathroom faucet.
Иқтидори ҳаммом ҳамвории сиёҳ 2 дастак 
The premium ceramic disc inside this designer bathroom faucet in matte black makes the water flow smoothly and drip-free. The spout of this bathroom faucet contains an ABS aerator. With this innovative facet you will be able to save on your water consumption and help conserving the water as well. The NSF-certified valve turns smoothly to offer you maximum comfort. The high quality cartridge has been tested at 500,000 water cycles, and still was performing optimally. And this at a yet economical price!
As the production process of WOWOW is highly standardized and automated, WOWOW can offer this high-quality bathroom faucet matte black 2 handles at a highly economical price. Together with the efficient and cost-effective procurement and use of materials, WOWOW saves massively on production costs. And yet without losing the prime objective of producing high quality products out of sight. WOWOW guarantees that you will not find any bathroom faucet of the same quality at a lower price than we offer.
Насбкунӣ ва нигоҳдории осон 
This matte black centerset bathroom faucet with 2 handles is easy to install by yourself without any professional. In this way you can even save more by installing this bathroom faucet matte black 2 handles yourself. The 4 inch bathroom faucet fits any 3-hole mount. The bathroom faucet matte black 2 handles comes with a set of accessories to make installing a piece of cake, including a water tube, a lift rod drain and a deck plate for easy-installing.
With the bathroom faucet matte black 2 handles of WOWOW you will be ensured of a bathroom faucet that exceeds all industry standards. You will be able to maintain this bathroom faucet easily, while you can remove hard water residue with a gentle touch of your fingers. As this bathroom faucet is easy to clean, you can keep using this faucet for a long period, guaranteeing high quality water standards. WOW not for nothing provides a 3-year warranty period to guarantee the performance of its bathroom faucet matte black 2 handles.
Бартариҳои кранини ҳаммом ҳамвории сиёҳ 2 дастак дар пӯсти: 
 ба ҳар як ҳаммом wow-amil медиҳад
 Тарҳи беназири матои сиёҳ
 Гӯшаҳои камон аз баланд барои фазои васеъ
 Наши ҳамвор ва қатрагӣ
 Иҷрои баланд
 Аз маводи баландсифати мисӣ сохта шудааст
 Осон тоза ва нигоҳдорӣ осон
 Кафолати 3-сола





Сомони 2.53

Силсила Маҳсулот

6 х 2.2 х 7.5 инч



тамом кардан

Матте Black



Усулҳои насбкунӣ

Ба сатҳи болоӣ

Шумораи сӯрохиҳо


Баландии Spout

4.4 Танг

Spout Reach

5.2 Танг

Ҷойгиркунии дастӣ / фишанги

Left & Right

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  4. $ A) а2020-03-25

    Really happy with this product- it’s extremely well made and easy to install. The instructions are staright-forward, all you need (minus wrenches) comes in the package, and the final product looks great! I love how the spout articulates!

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    Челонгари ман гуфт, ки насби ин ду крани дастӣ хеле осон буд. Фишори об хеле хуб аст, алахусус оби гарм. Ба ман маъқул аст, ки чархболҳо ва ман акнун чизҳои дар ҳаммом бударо пур мекунам ва маҷбур нестам, ки ба крани ошхонаи камони баландам равам.

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    Насб кардан осон аст, ба назар сифати хуб ва хеле зебо аст! Ба назар хеле бой ва мувофиқ аст.

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    Ба ман ин крани ҳаммом ду дастак хеле маъқул аст, ки намуди зоҳирии классӣ гарон аст ва насб карданаш осон буд

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    Дар аввал ман каме мушкил будам (бинобар надоштани таҷриба). Челонгари ман ба ман кӯмак кард. Ман розӣ ҳастам, ки нархи он аҷиб аст, он бешубҳа гарон ба назар мерасад ва сифаташ олӣ аст. Хеле тавсия барои харидан! !

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    Ман як усторо шахта насб кардам, аммо вай гуфт, ки онҳо насб карданашон хеле осон аст. Он фавран ҳаммоми маро ба намуди муосире табдил дод, ки ман мегаштам.

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    Prefect – this Bathroom Faucet packaged well and is high quality

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    Навигарии намуди ғарқкунандаи калонсол ва баландии баланд барои ҷараёни об ҷойгоҳи бештар медиҳад. Арзиши бузург барои пул!

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    Насби ин крани обӣ осон аст. Намуди зоҳирӣ низ хеле зебо аст. Дастрас.

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