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WOWOW Brushed Steel Kitchen Mixer Tap – Pull Out Spray

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Pull down kitchen faucet: lets you control water with one hand and reaches past the sink to finish additional kitchen tasks.
Kitchen faucet layout make your kitchen space easy and fresh, simple to accommodate most sink.

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WOWOW Brushed Steel Kitchen Mixer Tap - Pull Out Spray WOWOW Brushed Steel Kitchen Mixer Tap - Pull Out Spray WOWOW Brushed Steel Kitchen Mixer Tap - Pull Out Spray

Pull-out Sprayer Kitchen Faucet 2311901 with Escutcheon: optional deck plate for 1 or 3 hole installation, do N’t need to Be Concerned about the ugly Gap Issues; Spout Height: 16.1″, Spout Reach: 7.8″, Deck Length: 9.6″; Brushed Nickel Surface May Withstand daily Scrape, non-corrosion.
Magnetic Docking: the faucet applies a Strong magnet to snap the kitchen sprayer into Position so it Remains docked and does N’t droop over time like other kitchen faucets
3 Function Pull Down Spray Head: Flow / spray/ aquablade Manners, unique aquablade water of Powerful force to Wash Fast, Neoperl ABS areator May be removed by a coin Readily to Wash and replace
Great Quality: stainless steel spout, zinc Metal body, brass Center Guarantee durability, drip-free and lead-free, anti-explosion pull out hose (1.5 m), tucai insurance Provide lines (0.5 m of Every Single stainless steel mesh surface)
Kitchen faucets are generally made of brass, which is the most common pure copper faucet on the market. However, due to the characteristics of the kitchen environment, pure copper faucets are not necessarily the best choice. All pure copper faucets are electroplated on the outermost layer. The function of electroplating is to prevent corrosion and rust of the brass inside. The kitchen has a lot of oil fumes, and the greasy and cleaning detergents on the hands when washing dishes will often require cleaning the faucet. If you do not use the correct method for cleaning, it is likely to destroy the plating of the faucet, causing the faucet to be corroded and rusted. If you choose a full copper kitchen faucet, be sure to have excellent electroplating, otherwise the faucet will easily cause rust and corrosion. The widespread bathroom faucet is such an excellent product!


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Item Weight

5.89 pounds




Stainless Steel

Power Source


Installation Method


Hose Length

1.5 Meters

Spout Reach

7.8 Inches

Flush Type

Three Modes: Sweep Mode/Stream Mode/Spray Mode

Handle/Lever Placement


Handle Material


  1. H***n2020-07-01

    This faucet was in a protective packaging when I received. Inside of the product, it surprises me about the quality is outstanding! When I installed it, each part of the faucet also perform perfectly. And there is an manual about how to install it, and it was very easy to install. It was a breeze! I had it done in less than 10 minutes. Install this new faucet is much easier than remove my old faucet. Sprayer head is with 3 modes, Spray mode, Stream Mode ,Pause Mode. Sprayer head retract function is really well. Highly recommend WOWOW faucet, it feels durable. I will update this review after continuous use.

  2. S***d2020-07-15

    This is, amazingly, the best faucet we’ve ever had. We had our doubts (used to buying Kohl, etc), but we thought we’d give this one a try. Our last faucet (a $300 Moen) lasted less than two years, and from day one, had the worst water pressure (to the point where we’d have to help bits of food down the drain with our hands, even with the spray at full blast). This faucet, however, has been a game-changer. It was quick and easy to install, and right off the bat, it has the best water pressure we’ve ever had. I had concerns about positioning the lever to the front (couldn’t position to the side, since there was no clearance for it in the back). However, we are loving its position in the front. Lastly, there was the (small) issue of the counter weight falling off the hose (causing the hose to not retract all the way into the faucet heat). After talking to the seller about this, they sent us another (differently designed) counter weight, which has been working perfectly for the past few weeks. All in all, great customer service and a great product!

  3. B***f2020-07-19

    We chose the brushed finish which looks great with a standard steel sink. The sink is old, but still looks shiny and we decided to upgrade the faucet as getting a new sink would be a whole counter top with a new style sink project which we are deferring for now. The faucet is made in China, and appears to be well made with quality materials. The packaging was excellent so there were no scratches or blemishes on our faucet. Installation is easy, but in our case some old pipes needed to be cut which I decided to have a plumber handle. My guess is a newer home (mine was built in 1974) installation might be just a screw up the new faucet to some existing hardware. I would not need a plumber to replace this new fixture at some future time. Also, if we do get a new sink someday this faucet will go on the new sink. After about a month’s use everything cleans up nicely and it looks great. The action of the water lever is smooth and feels solid making control the water flow and temperature easy. The incorporated sprayer is great. It pulls out of the faucet easily, doesn’t shoot water all over, and recoils back to the faucet with authority. I have seen these faucet sprayers in other people’s homes that seemed to be hanging out and that’s not the case with this one. I didn’t see any “parts” list in the installation instructions. I’m not sure if you could buy a replacement cartridge for this one if it started to leak. I think it is well made and the manufacturer has a 5 year full replacement policy so I’m not worried.

    One tip, originally we had the control lever on the right side. This meant you pull the lever toward you to get hot water and push the back towards the wall for cold. After a couple of days I loosened the main bold securing the faucet and rotated it to put the lever on the left side. Now you push the lever back for hot and pull towards you for cold. You could rotate it less and have the lever face you and then left would get hot water and right would get cold. If you install the faucet yourself you can move it yourself if you want. If you have the faucet installed for you, then tell the installer where you prefer to have the control lever positioned.

  4. T***y2020-07-24

    I love this faucet! We needed to replace an old MOEN faucet that was leaking badly. I hopped onto the Lowe’s website and was astounded at the prices for similar faucets. So, I checked Amazon and found this one that was the style we wanted and a much better price.

    The old faucet was a nightmare to remove due to an idiotic design but once we got that beast off, putting this one in literally took like 5 minutes. If that. It looks great, works great, no leaks.

    I recommend.

  5. D***n2020-07-27

    My husband and I installed this faucet in our kitchen about a week ago and it has been wonderful! The water pressure is fantastic and changing from a spray to steady stream of water is easy. We also love that the high arc handle makes it easier to wash larger pots and pans without getting water everywhere. And the pull out feature seems to be working well not that we have the weight adjusted correctly and moved things around under the sink so that it doesn’t get hung up. I’m very happy with the quality, the cost and the functionality!

  6. B***d2020-07-28

    My son helped me removed the 12 years old, which we paid $424 last year just to have it fixed. This time I am not paying that much money anymore and since I wanted an updated faucet, I chose this one after reading the reviews on different brands but similar features. Figured out since faucets are bound to leak after years of use, I just need one that is not expensive but looks as good as the big brand names. Thankfully, I have chosen correctly. I love this faucet so much and my family loves it too.

    Installation was easy please just as the other reviews mentioned. But removing the old one, that is the hard part. It took me and my son 2 hours to remove the old, leaky faucet. But only took my son 30 minutes to install this awesome faucet.

    The price is wonderful. Especially during this time that I need to REALLY tighten my budget so we can survive this pandemic.

    IF I did it correctly, the photo will be included in this review. Please pardon the mess on the sink.

  7. M***s2020-08-07

    The packaging was high quality and laid out nicely, and much better than expected, especially for the money. It looked very professional, and would do a great job protecting it from damage during shipping.

    The faucet its self was a pleasant surprise to pick up for the first time. It was weighty, had a beautiful finish, and felt of genuine quality. It is all metal construction other than the spray head, which is held nicely in place by the robust weight attached to the hose. It comes with new, clearly marked hot and cold supply lines as well as adapters to join it to different sized fittings. It has a very smooth feel in the cartridge for temperature and flow control.

    You would not know the difference between This faucet and one costing over 200 dollars more. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a budget friendly upgrade to change the look and improve the usefulness of your kitchen sink.

  8. J***r2020-08-09

    It’s only been one day since I installed the faucet for the house that I am selling so I wanted to put in something that was really nice but inexpensive. The faucet was EASY to install and I have an L4L5 spinal fusion so quick and easy is a must! It was “even for a girl” to install! I love the threaded fist sized applicator that is used to hold the faucet in place instead of screws or a large sized washer with screws. I used to work for a company that sold Waterstone Faucets (the cream of the crop). Honestly, this faucet was easier to install than a Waterstone Faucet that will run you in the $$ thousands (Waterstone uses a large washer like piece with two screws so you have to line up a screw driver while on your back). The weight on the spray hose works very well to pull the nozzle up in spite of not having a magnet to hold it place. It is very attractive and has a perfect angel for projecting the water into a right hand drain hole (you want a faucet that will do that to eliminate undesired splashing). I am happy with the purchase and hope the people buying my house will like it as well!

  9. C***n2020-08-14

    I’m a DIY kind of guy. I like taking on projects and I really appreciate affordability to get the most bang for the buck. This faucet was a wonderful representation of those values I hold.

    The product came in a very clean organized box. This was my first time installing a faucet, so my nerves were a little frazzled. But seeing how it arrived made me feel less overwhelmed.

    I rent my apartment, but my landlord likes to get the most use out of everything installed before upgrading. But my old kitchen faucet was not only super basic, but was also leaking, corroding, stubborn to rotate, etc.

    Upon taking the task on myself, I landed on this faucet and am glad I did. I grew up in a Moen household and know that brand well. But I’d have to be hard pressed to spend that kind of money on a “leave-behind” upgrade for my apartment. This fit my budget, and didn’t seem intimidating.

    The only challenge was removing the old, corroded faucet. The threads of each screw were stubborn and it took the most time. Make sure you have some sort of solvent on hand, like WD-40, to loosen the nuts if need be.

    Everything else was a breeze. However, be warned that this kit does not include any tools other than a small hex key to clean or replace the screen. There is no Teflon tape for pipe threads, wrenches, or screwdrivers. I did the install with an adjustable wrench, Teflon tape …and that’s about it. It was easy.

    I highly recommend this faucet for any household. It is smooth, clean, and elegant. Very solid for the money.

  10. N***s2020-08-18

    My old Moen faucet was getting loose and after a ton of screwing around I learned that I had to buy a special wrench AND take the thing all the way apart to tighten it up. I figured if I had to pretty much take the old one out, I might as well put a new one in. This one was the look we wanted, but I was a little hesitant because I hadn’t heard of the brand. However, the other reviews put me at ease, so I figured I would give it a shot.

    It was more effort to get the Moen out than to put this one in. It was so easy I was actually smiling while I was doing it. I did need my wife to hold the faucet straight as I tightened it from underneath, but other than that it was a one person job. Start to finish I was done in less than an hour. I would buy this again in a minute, but I only have one kitchen sink.

  11. w***o2020-08-19

    I have had this installed for 4 weeks now and use it every day.

    I am glad I read other reviews before installing this faucet as I took the advise of some other and tightened all the fittings on the faucet before install. If i had not done that it surely would have leaked.

    It has stayed nice looking even though it cleans paint brushes and hands, and it cleans up easily.

    i love the fact that it has both regular stream and spray in the same head unit, plus the on off button on the head. that make it really easy to stop the water flow as needed with out having to shut the faucet off.

  12. A***e2020-08-24

    Customer service contacted me, unsolicited, and informed me about their warranty and offered to replace the hose and/or faucet. After sending them a picture of the problem they sent me a new hose that arrived relatively quickly. I work a lot so don’t have much free time, and wanted to make sure the new parts functioned for a while, before updating my review. I am happy to report the new hose has been working without issue for several weeks (over a month).

    The faucet seems well designed, was pleasantly easy to install, and looks nice. A vast improvement over the cheap, low clearance, Wal-Mart trash that was installed previously. And the customer service seems excellent. It was almost annoyingly attentive and eager to fix the problem. That alone should make you consider this product. Not only did they send a new hose, but they kept checking back with me, repeatedly, to make sure it resolved the issue, and didn’t stop until I replied. Honestly, I’ve only ever had one other company even come close to that level of dedication to their product and customer satisfaction.

  13. G***d2020-08-29

    This is, amazingly, the best faucet we’ve ever had. Prior to this, We had MOEN which my wife wanted to replace.
    Our last faucet (a $250 MOEN) that lasted little over two years. The most common problems I have seen with earlier faucets we used was water pressure. This faucet, though is not a name brand, was quick and easy to install, and has the best water pressure we’ve ever had. I had concerns about positioning the lever to the front (couldn’t position to the side, since there was no clearance for it in the back).

    Pros –
    * Great customer service and a great product!
    * Value for money
    * Easy to Install

    Cons –
    * Counter weight was a bit off and kept falling off the hose but with small tweak was able to fix it.

  14. E***t2020-09-02

    I’ve replaced several faucets over several decades and this was the easiest of any to install. Once the old one was out (an hour to get out) this one installed in literally 5 minutes and without needing a heavy pipe wrench or other plumber tools.

    The faucet and components arrive packaged in a foam cut out with each part in a specific place. Instructions are right on top, loose parts are in a bag and there are extras in case you might need them (you won’t).

    This thing is so easy to install that a cave man could do it. Seriously, you do not need to be all that handy to install it.

    The faucet looks great, the spray head balanced perfectly with a counter weight that has a mark exactly where you are supposed to place it. Some reviews indicate that it is loose or wobbly. Ours has no wobble at all however you have to look at the instructions (diagram) and make sure that the gaskets are placed in the correct order. This is the part that apparently confuses the cave men out there.

  15. B***y2020-09-05

    I did so much research on so many different but similar faucets and I’m so glad I picked this one . It has so many great features . The pressure is great . I love the pause button and the flow of both streams. When you pull the faucet out it retracts does easily . Super easy to install. I highly recommend this faucet .

  16. J***r2020-09-07

    I bought this to replace a very old faucet before moving. I didnt want to spend too much money on it so this seemed like a good deal. I didnt really expect much from it bc all i really wanted was something that worked. This exceeded any expectations, and then some. It’s beautiful, for one. Doesn’t leave fingerprints or smudges at all. Easy to clean. Easy to install. Can be used w handle to the side or in the front (we set our to the front bc we didnt have enough clearance and it still looks good) and every time i look at my new faucet i fall in love w it just a little more.

    The spray mode is very strong. Great for removing food remnants off dishes but my sink is too shallow or something so i have to be careful not to spray everywhere. But this is not a faucet issue, of course.

    This is a great purchase. Highly recommend.

    The only thing i can say that is negative is the instructions were written in poor English. Luckily, its easy enough to figure out just the pictures. But still, not a huge big deal. Just worth mentioning if you rely on written instructions.

  17. A***y2020-09-11

    Replaced an old two-handle faucet with this one. The base plate covers the three holes from the old one seamlessly. The connectors for hot and cold came with adapters to fit different supply sizes. Everything was very easy to install. Barely needed any tools other than a crescent wrench to tighten the connectors to the hot/cold supplies. The counter-weight for the pull down faucet / sprayer works well, though you may have to fiddle a bit with the configuration under the sink depending on if pipes are in the way. However, once you give it a good path to go up and down, it works just fine. The instructions tell you to ensure you place the faucet far enough away from the wall (we have a window sill directly behind the sink); however, you can simply turn the fixture slightly so it is angled away from the wall and it looks and operates fine regardless of clearance in the back. Much less expensive than similar faucets from big box hardware stores.

  18. T***e2020-09-14

    We purchased the WOWOW kitchen faucet and were completely satisfied with the look, feel and operation of the fixture. It was easy to install and complemented our kitchen. After 10 months of use we developed a small issue with the faucet. Rose with Customerservice resolved that issue immediately and included a spare aerator and key as a gift. We expect to get years of service from the WOWOW fixture.
    I highly recommend WOWOW faucets and am very satisfied with ours.
    As a follow up to our previous review In June 2020 we had another question and WOWOW satisfied our needs fast and with professional service that exceeds our expectations.
    I would recommend this WOWOW faucet and their service is impeccable.

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