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WOWOW FANS BIG WELFARE!!! Welfare 1. Free gift Double robe hooks are provided for free!! Each person can get one free item. How to apply for the gift: Step 1: Visit www.wowowfaucet.com. Step 2: Register and login. Step 3: Send a message or email to WOWOW FAUCET Customer Service. Please inform us your registered account name and shipping address. Welfare 2. Want more items? Recommend friends to participate in this activity. Both your friend and you can get one gift. You can recommend 4 friends at most. How to participate: When your friends participate in the activity, please notice them to send these information to our email. 1. Who recommend you participate this activity? Please provide his/her registered account name. 2. Your registered account name. 3. Shipping address. Note: Each IP, each user and each shipping address can only participate in the above activity once. If you invite your friend to participate in the activity, you can get more gifts. But the maximum amount of gifts for one person are four.

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