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Reasons For Different Faucet Prices

The main materials of the faucet body on the market today are cast iron, plastic, zinc alloy, copper alloy, stainless steel. Cast iron is prone to rust, plastic is prone to ageing, zinc alloy is poorly stable and prone to bursting, resulting in a lack of longevity, so these three materials are not recommended for use in taps. More than 90% of domestic and foreign high-grade faucets usually choose to be cast in copper. Brass is the most suitable faucet material, antibacterial effect, of which H59 copper is the most suitable, lead content is also qualified, H62 copper lead content is less more corrosion-resistant; stainless steel, although you can do without lead, but due to the complexity of the process, no copper antibacterial advantages, is not popular. Spool: The faucet is turned on and off and on every day.
The valve spool determines the life of the tap. At present, ceramic valve spool is the most suitable material for home use, high-end faucet spool is mostly imported or foreign original ceramic spool, durable, but also can reach 500,000 times switch without dripping.
surface technology
The plating surface of high-priced faucets usually has a mirror-like feel, and with a press of a finger, the handprint marks will disappear immediately. Moreover, the advanced eco-friendly plating technology can eliminate the secondary contamination of the product and ensure the purity of the water. And for most hardware baths, the plating process is basically equivalent to chrome plating.
High-end faucets with a life span of 5 years, the quality is still so good, and all meet the national water-saving requirements of the standard, the product durability and energy saving and environmental protection highlights the value of the product. Cheap faucets have a very short lifespan or even two or three months of use after a sale or accident, and are not recommended for consumers.
after-sales guarantee
The regular manufacturer production, the national perfect after-sales service system, whether the product accidents or failures, at any time by the manufacturer or dealer to solve decided to be responsible for the production configuration of higher product brands, mostly high-quality sanitary ware brand, very concerned about selling out of every product generated by the word of mouth.

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