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Pull-Down Spray Swivel Kitchen Faucet

Pull-Down Spray Swivel Kitchen Faucet Item NO.: 2311901

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  • Pull down kitchen faucet: lets you control water with one hand and reaches past the sink to finish additional kitchen tasks.
  • Kitchen faucet layout make your kitchen space easy and fresh, simple to accommodate most sink.
Product Name Pull-Down Spray Swivel Kitchen Faucet
Item NO. 2311901
Weight 2 kg = 4.4092 lb = 70.5479 oz
Category Kitchen Faucets > Pull Down Faucets
Tag Stainless Steel , mixer tap , gooseneck spout
Creation Time 2019-09-15

Swivel spout kitchen faucet 

More elegance you will most definitely not find in a swivel spout kitchen faucet. This marvelously designed swivel spout kitchen faucet of WOWOW is a high-arc kitchen faucet that adds style to any luxury kitchen design. The round shaped connector on the other hand ensures a swift and flexible rotation of the single handle of this gooseneck faucet. This handle operates far smoother than any other vertical handle you can find. Consequently, it also offers you a unique operation modus which contributes to the elegance of WOWOW’s swivel spout kitchen faucet as well.

The swivel spout features a 60 inch water hose, that expands your washing area dramatically with over 30 inch. On the other hand, the magnetic docking system of the swivel spout kitchen faucet offers a comfortable way to easily return the swivel spout to its docking station. The water hose can be pulled out easily because of the high-quality material that is used for this water hose. After using the water hose, it retracts easily to its original position. With the strong magnet the kitchen sprayer snaps firmly to its default position, in order to remain docked no matter what. It does not droop over time like other kitchen faucets. Quality does not go unnoticed after all. 

Water modes swivel spout kitchen faucet 

The swivel spout kitchen faucet features 3 water functions from its elegant swivel spout. It offers a regular water flow mode, a water spray mode, and the unique aqua-blade function. With this powerful aqua-blade water function, you can easily wash your kitchen sink and dirty pots and pans for example with an enormous force. With the included Neoperl ABS aerator you can use the water spout comfortably without any dripping or splashing. 

This uniquely designed aerator even saves you water. As it gives counterpressure to the water stream, your water experience does not change at all, but you may save up to 50% of water. The aerator can easily be removed without any tools. You could use a coin for example in order to remove, wash and/or replace the aerator. The water hose of the swivel spout kitchen faucet is made of anti-explosion material. Even with high water pressure this water hose will not wear and tear at all. This pull out water hose of 60 inch even offers global Tucai insurance. That also guarantees that you have a safe water installation at you kitchen sink without having to worry about the quality. This swivel spout kitchen faucet will never let you down! 

High-quality swivel spout kitchen faucet 

This swivel spout kitchen faucet is made of great quality. Like most kitchen faucets of WOWOW the connectors are made of brass. If you have a kitchen faucet that is entirely made of brass, it most of the times has to be electroplated on the outside to prevent the kitchen faucet from rust or corrosion. This however makes your kitchen faucet vulnerable. As oil can attach to the electroplated copper kitchen faucet, it just needs proper cleaning frequently. If this cleaning is not done properly, it could harm the surface of the faucet in an ugly way. 

Therefore pure copper kitchen faucets most probably are not the best option in terms of durability. Consequently, WOWOW has made a high-quality swivel spout kitchen faucet with a center of copper and a zinc alloy body. This guarantees a drip-free and lead-free kitchen faucet. Together with the stainless steel spout, this kitchen faucet is topnotch with a guaranteed durability. You notice this instantly when you hold this swivel spout kitchen faucet in your hands. It is made of heavy metal, and quite different from any other cheap kitchen faucet. This quality of WOWOW definitely is unchallenged.

Stylish swivel spout kitchen faucet 
The elegant swivel spout kitchen faucet of WOWOW lets you control the water with just one hand. This makes it that easy to control the water temperature and water flow minimalistically with just one hand. You have your other hand always free to perform other kitchen tasks. It is much easier like this to save on water consumption, because you don’t have to waste any water on moments you actually don’t need it. That makes these kinds of kitchen faucets even a better choice compared to kitchen faucets that have to be controlled with two handles. 

The stylishness also is featured by the brushed nickel finish of the swivel spout kitchen faucet. Especially in combination with the gooseneck spout, this kitchen faucet actually can impress anyone. The combination of its thinness, the height, the unique handle, and its color, makes this kitchen faucet an eye catcher in any kitchen décor. Designers of WOWOW are proud of their work, and always strive to make special designs. Definitely WOWOW is changing the market by proving every day that elegance can come at an affordable price. 

Value for money swivel spout kitchen faucet 
The swivel spout kitchen faucet of WOWOW offers you a phenomenal value for money. As most kitchen faucets of A brands cost far more than this kitchen faucet of WOWOW, it offers the same quality. Or even better quality compared to some brands. Hence, good quality does not have to be expensive, it is affordable for any kitchen budget. WOWOW even assures that you will not find better quality faucets at this price, nor will you find equal quality at an even reduced price. 

WOWOW not for nothing offers a 5-year warranty period for its swivel spout kitchen faucet, as the company is convinced of the quality and the value for money you get. As most suppliers, even of A-brands, do not go any further than a 1-year warranty period, WOWOW definitely changes the market and sets a new standard. As WOWOW goes beyond the industry standards, it does so in all aspects. Last but not least, you run no risk with the complimentary 90-day money back guarantee WOWOW provides you. If you would not be convinced about this swivel spout kitchen faucet like WOWOW is, we will refund you immediately without questions asked. 
The advantages of the swivel spout kitchen faucet in a nutshell: 

• Gives a wow-factor to any kitchen 
• Elegant gooseneck design 
• Hand-crafted brushed nickel finish 
• Three water modes, including powerful aqua-blade 
• Long pull down water hose 
• Easy to clean and easy to maintain 
• 5-year warranty


Ian McClure

Phenomenal value for money, better than faucets costing 3-4 times as much at big box stores (Moen, Kohler, Delta etc). I wanted a beautiful, sturdy, pull down, magnetic docking, long weighted hose, multi-spray pattern nozzle, brushed finish faucet that didn’t cost a ton. This one checked all the boxes. Packaging and instructions were great, and it included the escutcheon plate for my three hole sink, as well as extra O-rings for replacement down the road. Spray function is very powerful. Hot and cold directions are backwards (pull forward for hot, push back for cold), but I fixed this by switching the supply lines - there’s a little laser-engraved H and C on the inside of the handle that’s now incorrect, but it’s very subtle and easy to ignore.Would buy this faucet again in a heartbeat or any other from Wowow, I’m very impressed.



Received really fast my husband hooked up and it has a lot of power. I need to get one for the house now



I like faucet very much. Goes well with my kitchen. Good price compared too many others out there. It has the magnetic sprayer. Never buy one without.


Brenda Hoff

This is GREAT. The pressure is very strong when you have it wide opened, which is wonderful. It was easy to put on and love the magnet so it holds it. I love this and would recommend this.


Howard Rogers

My wife and I are very happy with this faucet. The fit and finish was excellent. The action is smooth. We are very impressed with the magnetic grip. The installation was well described in the instructions, and quite easy to accomplish, aside from the usual knuckle busting struggle under the sink, regardless of what you choose to install. One small caution /suggestion that could save you some time: pay close attention to the routing of supply hoses, and do not tighten them until you have installed the counterweight. Then have someone pull the faucet out and back in a few times so you can watch and see how well things clear. You don't want anyting to be rubbing or catching on something. In our case, our counterweight was catching on a very low protruding shut off valve handle. It required two things: some hose re - routing, and a piece of string tied to a hook to prevent the catching - problem. It works great now!



Easy to install and perfect fit for my bar kitchen



Everything was great except the seating surface is small if you do not use the base plate.



Works good, very nice.


Blake Williams

This faucet is a great value for the price. Easy to install and looks great!


Jeff Ball

Easy to install. No surprises.



Thank you. Really fast delivery. I got it the second day I ordered it. Item exceeds my expectation.


Amazon Customer

Easy to install.



Use in home kitchen. Easy to install


Thomas F. Jarvis

Surprised, being made in China and Quality are not generally thought of the same.This is a quality kitchen faucet and happy to see there are those in China who take pride in their work!The install was simple, could have used another rubber washer for mounting without base plate directly on to granite countertop.I used the one from the old faucet and worked fine. Snugged up tight with no concern for water leaking through and down into the storage area below the sink.


Bob Denis

We mounted it directly (only 1 hole through the granite). Looks great on the kitchen sink counter; soft lines. This is real metal ... thing is heavy. Reasons for withdrawing a star: the cold/hot lines are too short for reaching my installed lines. Had to purchase $14 for extensions. As well for a right hand installation the hot and cold directions are odd ... push away for cold, and inwards for hot ... the reverse is much more intuitive. I could reverse the connection at the main lines I guess. All features work great. Hope it will be trouble free. wrt ease of installation, this unit is simpler than other brands ... but as we all know getting behind that dang food disposal is no picnic ... had to take it down ... AND oh ... that center member where the cabinet doors rest ... ouchhh!! Got'er done ... and with plenty cussing.



This is probably the first review I've ever written but this faucet is that good so I'm writing. It looks good, functions well, love the different flows available. The fellow who installed it for me was really surprised at the quality of the faucet as well as the tubes, etc. for under the sink. I have good water pressure, so I have to make sure that I don't turn it on full blast, or I get splashed, but I'm getting used to that . I would definitely recommend it to anybody. Can't beat the quality or the price!!


Bo Jiang

Already receive the faucet and installed to the kitchen. Both the spray and the regular flow work very well; nice, consistent, and well designed flow types.