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Modern Farmhouse Pot Filler Polished Chrome

Modern Farmhouse Pot Filler Polished Chrome Item NO.: 2311100C

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  • The pot filler height above the stove is highly praised by customers from Taiwan, Japan, Germany, and America.
  • Processed by incision machines and lathes, it features a precise dimension.
  • This product has been certified under ISO.
  • With flexibility, this kitchen faucet can easily reach places where are hard to get to.
Product Name Modern Farmhouse Pot Filler Polished Chrome
Item NO. 2311100C
Weight 2.8 kg = 6.1729 lb = 98.7671 oz
Category Kitchen Faucets > Pot Filler Faucets
Tag Pot Filler , polished , Wall Mounted
Creation Time 2019-04-19

Pot filler faucet for your kitchen stove 

A pot filler faucet is a practical swing-out faucet for your kitchen on a long, jointed arm. Normally a pot filler faucet is mounted over the stove in your kitchen. In this way you are able to fill pots with water, while they are positioned on the stove already. Like this you don’t have to carry heavy filled pots from your kitchen sink to your kitchen stove. Traditional pot filler faucets must not be confused with other kitchen sink faucets that have a jointed arm. The main difference between a pot filler faucet and a jointed kitchen sink faucet is the warm water supply. With a pot filler faucet only one cold water supply is needed. But of course you can easily combine a pot filler faucet with a jointed kitchen sink faucet to reach ultimate harmony in your kitchen design. 
When you design your kitchen, at first you often think of how your dream kitchen should look like. But maybe more important is the functionality of your new dream kitchen. You have to think of how you cook, what kind of equipment you need, where you need light sources, and how you can easily maintain your kitchen. Every single piece of equipment in your kitchen offers a wide variety of choices. This counts for your kitchen faucets as well. But an aspect that is often forgotten, is the ultimate functionality of a pot filler faucet. Simply because it is not widely known. On the other hand this kind of kitchen faucet can make your life a lot easier when you are cooking. 
Why do you need a pot filler faucet? 
The biggest pro of a pot filler faucet is that it saves you carrying a heavy pot filled with water from the kitchen sink to your kitchen stove. This can especially be a big advantage for you when you cannot or do not want to carry heavy items. Carrying heavy pots can cause strain on your hands, arms and back. That can be inconvenient when you already are experiencing pain in your back or arms. Besides, it can occur that big pots don’t fit into your kitchen sink. For this reason it can be a challenge to fill a big pot with water. 

You can choose from two basic options when it comes to pot filler faucets. There are single-jointed and double-jointed  pot filler faucets. It depends on the size of your kitchen stove which one will work out the best for you. If you have a kitchen stove with numerous burners, a pot filler faucet with double joints will work the best for because of its reach. The WOWOW Modern Farmhouse Pot Filler Faucet Polished Chrome offers you a double-jointed arm with a total reach of 20 inches. With this long pot filler faucet you can reach any part of your kitchen stove and therefore offers maximum comfort.

 Practical pot filler faucet features 

The pot filler faucet of WOWOW is very handy with its jointed arm, as you can fold the arm completely back to the  stove wall. In this way it will not take any space in your kitchen and it won’t look unhandy. Because of its adaptive layout you can save precious kitchen space. This high-quality pot filler faucet can be put away in order to respect the stylish design of your decorative kitchen. You will hardly notice this pot filler faucet on your wall! 
Many people are afraid that a pot filler faucet will leak and cause water damage in your kitchen. Unlike kitchen sink  faucets, dripping water could be caught by the kitchen sink. With a pot filler faucet the water might drop on your kitchen stove or kitchen counter. And eventually on your kitchen floor which might cause quite some damage. For safety reasons, pot filler faucets are often equipped with two levers. In this way the pot filler faucet is double protected from dripping. The extended arm of WOWOW’s pot filler faucet has two valves for dual flow control. When you are finished with cooking, you just turn off the main valve as well, so no water can be spilled. In this way your kitchen safety is guaranteed. 
High quality pot filler faucet 
The WOWOW Modern Farmhouse Pot Filler Faucet Polished Chrome has been fabricated by the most modern technology. In this way WOWOW ensures precise dimensions of this pot filler faucet for optimal performance. This WOWOW pot filler faucet offers a long life guarantee because of its high quality polished inner surface. It is made of pure high-density brass (copper). You are ensured of clean drinking water coming out of this faucet without any dangerous substances. Your health is above all the most important! Not for nothing this product of WOWOW has been ISO-certified. 
Excellent water supply with this pot filler faucet 
With the high quality 360-degree spout, you can reach almost any place and you fill anything with ease. The valves are made of the best quality and very comfortable to handle. You notice the quality immediately when you use the valves. The stream mode on the other hand is perfect for water filling. It supplies steady pressure to offer a constant water stream. The high-pressure valves avoid splashing and dripping to offer you best comfort. And that is exactly what you need from your kitchen faucets! 
The pot filler faucet of WOWOW is finished with brushed and weathered nickel. It has a classy polished chrome finish that will fit in almost any design kitchen. WOWOW’s pot filler faucet is scratch-resistant and easy to wash. To maintain your pot filler faucet is therefore easy as well. You can keep your pot filler faucet as new for a long period of time. WOWOW offers a 5 year warranty on all of its faucets. For this reason you know that you have found a pot filler faucet that offers you the best price-quality ratio. With our 90-days money back guarantee, you can return your pot filler faucet without any problem if you would not like it. But we know that this is not going to happen. We trust in our product! 
The advantages of the pot filler faucet in a nutshell: 
 Gives a wow-factor to any kitchen 
 Easily fill your pots on your stove 
 Practical jointed arm to easily put the pot filler faucet away 
 Dual-armed for optimal flexibility 
 You can easily reach unreachable places at 20 inches 
 Unique polished chrome design 
 Made of high quality brass materials 
 Easy to clean and easy to maintain 

 5-year warranty


cintya molina

Super easy to install my husband did just in 1hour


herlinda mendoza

This is absolutely Gorgeous!



Ordered pot filler for coffee station. Unit had a broken handle. Contacted WOWOW through Amazon and they responded by sending a new handle. It was easy to install and we love the convenience of not having to bring water to fill the coffee pot. Thank you WOWOW for your customer service.



Framed Pot Filler


Jana Ramirez

sturdy, good quality. installed in new farmhouse kitchen with subway tile backsplash, looks amazing & works great.


Paul Mills

Love it


Tania Otis

Very nice product. Even came with white gloves for the installation. Works and looks great



Unbelievable value for this product! Functions perfectly and looks amazing.



Looks and works great for our new kitchen!


Hope B.

Love it


Hilary Drakos

Haven’t installed it yet, but it looks and feels like good quality stuff. Very heavy and sturdy. Disappointed with the installing method- you need to drill 4 holes into your tile backsplash to mount it.



We purchased these for a jacuzi tub, as we had separate pipes coming through the wall instead of a standard spacing for mixing.Everything is well made. Operates wonderfully. Heavy construction. Sturdy and good design. May they last forever!



Took 3 tries to get a drip to stop. The instructions were lacking but when it was done it looks and works great. Make sure to use lots of tape! (It's included!)



I have seen some out there for much more money. This was a great price, I had it professionally installed but plumber agreed it was a super price and good quality.


30a Ohana

Great pot filler for the price for sure, it’s beautiful. You definitely need some basic skills to install it. I had no problems, no leaks. We love it. Nice addition to our kitchen. No regrets.



Update: we decided to keep it and it looks beautiful😁



As a home renovator I’ve installed about 6 of these. High quality and easy to install.


Ann M.

Amazing looking product fir the price.



High quality,extendable,simple faucet,the price is not bad,recommend it!



One of the best faucet I ever used, not sure about the quality yet, but it looks great! Would keep checking this product.