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How Do I Install A Tap? How Do I Change The Taps? The Full Steps Are Here.
What is the tap installation method? Faucets are indispensable in the kitchen, we need faucets to wash our hands, vegetables and dishes. As time goes on, some taps start to strike, a series of problems such as leaks, this time we need to replace the taps, please workers is an expense, install the taps themselves is a good choice. So, how should the various taps be installed?
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Basin Faucet and Sanitary Ware Size Matching Guide
A must-have home improvement material, the basin faucet is mounted on the sink and is used to hold cold, hot or mixed hot or cold water. It's also the most frequently used. Mainly for people to clean their face, brush their teeth, wash their face and wash their clothes. We should pay attention to the basin faucet when choosing the basin faucet with sanitary ware, basin size to avoid size discrepancies, improper installation, inconvenience and other problems. Let's take a look at the basin faucet together below!
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Why Does The Faucet Make A Harsh Noise?
Faucets produce harsh sound possible causes: generally, the faucet is not well out of the water, generating a wave, the frequency of the wave and the resonance frequency of the pipe, causing the pipe resonance, emitting sound.
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How Much Water Does The Tap Run For An Hour?
Domestic faucets are generally DN15, based on this calculation when the faucet is full (that is, open to the maximum) can put 1.27 tons of water an hour. Water flow, water pressure, as well as your home faucet caliber change, the same conditions of the faucet, due to the degree of fittings, spool problems, also have an effect on the amount of water discharged, there are large and small; the level of water pressure; whether the pipe is blocked.
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Which is the best kitchen faucet to choose?
With the rapid development of the bathroom industry, people's expectations of the faucet is also getting higher and higher, the faucet ranking is always updated every year, enough to see the fierce competition in the bathroom industry, so people's expectations, requirements for the bathroom industry is also getting higher and higher. Some companies will create a different brand effect by constantly developing and perfecting themselves. Let's take a look at this year's latest tap rankings
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Faucet Use Precautions
The household hundred generally have zinc aluminum, plastic, copper, iron, stainless steel, etc. Generally, more copper is used, but it rusts easily in a humid environment. Stainless steel is recommended for the better ones. Because stainless steel taps are more difficult to process than copper, the price is also higher.
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Types Of Faucets That Are Common In Life
According to the structure, it can be divided into single, double and triple taps. There is also a difference between a single handle and a double handle. Single type can be connected with cold or hot water pipes; double type can be connected with both hot and cold pipes, mostly used for bathroom basin and kitchen sink faucet with hot water supply.
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Faucet Sizes And Types
DN8 is a 2 cent connector, DN15 is a 4 cent connector, DN20 is a 6 cent connector, DN25 is a 1-inch connector, DN32 is a 1.2-inch connector, DN40 is a 1.5-inch connector, DN50 is a 2-inch connector, and most of the taps in the house are DN15 4 cent connectors.
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Reasons For Different Faucet Prices
The difference between the faucets is mainly in the production process of the valve body and valve core Pure copper valve body is much higher than other metals or plastics, and the copper content of well-known brands is also much larger The valve core is divided into plastic valve core, ceramic valve core, imported ceramic valve core Ordinary valve spool will be closed for a long time, and it will be deformed in case of hot water or produce harmful substances. Imported ceramic spool can ensure that 500,000 switches will not leak The production process is mainly lead removal treatment. Some cheap faucets will cause secondary pollution of water without lead removal treatment.
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Why The Price Difference Of Taps Is So Big
Modern people take health very seriously, every home is equipped with a filtration device, but I don't know, buy a poor-quality faucet, your expensive filtration device is also for nothing. Faucet secondary water pollution, it's scary to think about. So, how much is a reliable tap? It's expensive, it hurts, it's cheap, it's uncomfortable, it's afraid of the quality.
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Choose A Healthy And Safe Tap Production
As the standard of living continues to improve, people continue to pursue a higher quality of life, and healthy and environmentally friendly green products have always received attention. Nowadays, water poisoning is a common occurrence, ordinary kitchen and bathroom products can no longer meet the needs of a healthy life, increasingly thirsty for diverse and high-performance, safe kitchen and bathroom products. The WOWOW faucet is based on the concept of people-oriented, health and safety , using lead-free medical grade SUS304 stainless steel production products.
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How To Install Wall-Mounted Faucets And Buying Tips
In-wall faucets are named according to their method of equipment. An in-wall device is actually a concealed installation, where the water supply from the tap is buried in the wall and only a tap and switch are visible on the exterior. The choice of wall-mounted equipment faucets is generally more space-saving and can improve the decorative nature of the entire bathroom space so that the bathroom space more orderly.
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