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Today we will learn about the bubbler of the faucet

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1.First, what is a bubbler?
The principle of the bubbler is actually very simple, that is, the water and air flowing through can be thoroughly mixed, so that the water flow has the effect of foaming. With the addition of air, the flushing power of the water is improved a lot, thereby effectively reducing the water consumption and saving Use water. Generally, the high-grade faucet is as soft and comfortable as the mist, and it can also filter impurities in the water, and it will not splash around.
2. What is the role of the bubbler in the faucet?
(1)Saving water source: The principle of the bubbler can make the faucet with the bubbler installed about 50% water saving than the faucet without the bubbler installed!
(2)splash and noise prevention: When using the faucet with the bubbler installed, the impact force can be clearly felt, the water column after buffering is even, and the water column reduces the splash vertically.
(3) Filtering impurities: The multi-layer filter of the bubbler can also filter most of the sediment and impurities, and the internal grid can filter the impurities of large particles.
(4) The constant flow: compensation or pressure limiting means (common in shower) can guarantee a certain amount of water, limiting the amount of water in the water pressure is too high, the amount of water at a stable pressure instability at low water pressure.


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