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Choosing a faucet does not just care about the appearance, the internal material is also important

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Nowadays, there are many faucets on the market, such as all-plastic polyvinyl chloride (PVC), ceramic, stainless steel, copper (or copper), etc. In addition to the simple process of PVC faucet, the other three materials are more common.
Although the faucet containing copper or copper is slightly higher in relative price, it is more popular in the market because of its antibacterial nature and stability.

2.Valve core
The valve core is an important part to determine the experience of the faucet. The better faucets on the market are generally made of ceramic valve cores, which are heat-resistant and wear-resistant and can be suitable for all water environments in the home. Moreover, the ceramic valve core has a good sealing performance, the switch feels more comfortable, smooth, and has a long service life.
In addition to the ceramic valve core, there are steel ball valve cores and valve cores made of stainless steel and rubber.

The surface process of the faucet will be treated. The copper faucet is generally polished and the stainless steel faucet is generally polished and brushed.

First, the faucet purchase reference standard – check the appearance:

In order to avoid oxidation during the manufacture of the faucet, the faucet will be plated with a layer of nickel or chrome on its exterior after polishing, which will keep the faucet from corrosion for a long time. The delicate faucet must be smooth and mirror-like, exquisite and delicate, so when purchasing, it should be observed in a well-lit position. The faucet has no oxidized spots, no pores, no leakage plating and burnt marks. The color is well-balanced without burrs and sand. It is a good product.

Second, the faucet purchase reference standard – internal structure:

The valve core is the heart of the faucet. The ceramic valve core is the best valve core. The core valve is made of high-resistance ceramic. Even if it is 60 psi, it can be switched freely and will not leak. It feels more comfortable and smooth, and it opens and closes quickly. Our common faucet spools are steel ball spools and ceramic spools. Steel ball spools have good resistance to pressure, but the disadvantage is that the rubber ring that acts as a seal is prone to wear and will age quickly. When you purchase, you can easily judge whether the spool is good or bad by turning the handle.

Third, the faucet purchase reference standard – choose the material:

The faucet is made of copper better. The material itself has good sterilization and disinfection effect, followed by stainless steel. Do not choose zinc alloy. Because zinc alloy is not resistant to corrosion, it is easy to precipitate heavy metals and endanger human health. The material of the inner surface of the faucet can be judged by judging the color of the inner surface of the faucet. The color of the inner surface of the faucet of the zinc alloy is dark yellow, and the color of the inner surface of the copper faucet is yellow.

When selecting, pay attention to whether there are burrs, pores, corrosion, oxidized spots, etc. on the surface. The surface is as clean as a mirror and is the basic standard for determining the quality of the faucet. Under the simple test, a breath is blown on the surface of the faucet, and the water vapor disperses quickly, which means that the surface treatment is better.

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