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Pay attention to this aspects when buying faucet

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1. Depending on the material, there are generally titanium alloy products, copper chrome-plated products, stainless steel chrome-plated products, aluminum alloy chrome-plated products, and iron chrome-plated products.
2. Durable, whether the faucet is durable, the surface treatment process is very important. A good faucet is subjected to an acidic high temperature test, and it is intact for more than 4 hours. In addition, due to the reasonable internal structure, the good faucet is not prone to dripping and damage, and has withstood hundreds of thousands. It can still be operated freely after the second switch.
3. Humanization. With the continuous improvement of the production technology of kitchen faucets, product design has become more and more humane. To meet the various needs of large kitchen spaces, customary direct cleaning with water, like spraying methods, enjoy the fun of innovation, etc., there are also 360-degree rotation, pull-out spray nozzles, direct flush / spray nozzle conversion, and more flexible shapes. Changing products.
4. It is easy to clean. The kitchen is heavy and wet with oil. When you work, you will use your hands with oil and dirt to open the faucet and soil the faucet. Therefore, it is best to choose a product that does not stain and is easy to scrub. This has a lot to do with the shape and coating of the faucet. Generally, faucets with complicated shapes and variable lines are easy to clean up dead ends. Faucets with thin coatings and low hardness are prone to blackening and are not cleaned. Personally, I think that people still use products with simple shapes and hard coatings, which can save a lot of things.
5. Confirm with the dealer whether the imported ceramic raft core is installed in the brand faucet. After looking at its appearance, pay attention to the surface finish. Touch it for burrs, trachoma, cracks, oxidized spots, etc., and then gently move the handle of the faucet up and down, left and right. You can buy it without heavy feel;
6. Check if there is a matching drain (a separate part from the faucet). Good faucets are usually equipped with a matching free drain. In addition, there is a protective net to block sand and gravel in the water. It is also used to protect the ceramic valve core of the faucet from being damaged by sand and gravel, extending its mission life.
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