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Faucet purchase mistakes

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1, the sensor faucet is the most water-saving
The induction faucet not only has a small amount of water, but also has a high selling price, and the maintenance cost is high. The household uses the sensor faucet, and the utility is not high.
2, the smaller the flow, the more water saving
The faucet flow has a water-saving standard, and the flow is too large or too small to be conducive to water saving. Sometimes the flow rate of the faucet is too small, there may be problems with the faucet valve, or the slag is clogged, it should be cleaned or replaced in time.
3, the bubbler faucet saves water in any situation
The function of the starting block is to increase the number of bubbles in the water and reduce the amount of water; however, the starting device weakens the impact of the water flow and requires a large amount of water, which is not conducive to water saving.
4, the faucet has hot and cold temperature adjustment
The hot and cold temperature adjustment function of the faucet must be provided with two inlet and outlet hoses and a ceramic valve core.
5, choose the faucet without considering the basin
After many consumers installed the above counter basin, they did not notice that the basin was high, and the faucet needs to be installed on the basin. The actual situation of the basin must be considered when purchasing.
6, the faucet and the water pipe connection without the angle valve
All hot and cold faucets must use angle valves to connect with the water pipes. Each hot and cold faucet requires two angle valves to match.

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