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Double Handle Bathroom Faucet (13)

Double Handle Bathroom Faucet includes 4-inch centerset and 8 inch widespread. The method of distinguishing centerset and widespread is very simple. It depends on whether the two handles are separated or integrated together, or directly according to the distinction between 4inch and 8inch. The opening is relatively wide, which is suitable for 8 inch widespread faucets. If the opening distance is narrow, it is suitable for 4-inch centerset faucets. The advantage of this double-handle faucet is that it will not be cold and hot. The handles are clearly separated. The online shop of wowowfaucet has selected the fashionable bathroom faucets on the market for customers. You can place the order directly according to the opening of your basin. You no longer have to struggle with a mess of choices 10% coupon to place an order to buy, seven days to receive the goods, everything is perfect.